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Thoughtless Neighbors

Updated on October 10, 2012

I'm Tired of being Misled

I am so tired of liars. Politicians, advertising commercials, small print, financial advisers, now neighbors. My neighbor, lets call him Joey, has two pine trees next to my driveway that drops pine sap on both of my vehicles and hard pine cones that places dents on both finishes. I am at a loss at what steps to take to get these pines down. One of them is leaning toward his house and I pray during some of our torrential downpours that it will land on his house, without any injuries of course, but that has not happened as of yet.

A man stopped by last summer and told him he would take both trees down for $350 and Joey failed to allow him to do so saying he was not certified or insured to do so but not to worry he would have them down by the end of the summer (2011).

This year I had a certified and insured company called Show Me the Trees, take down six trees in my yard that Joey had him com over to his house to take some dinky tree down by his shed in the back yard and I asked his wife, we will call her Debby, if he asked how much to take the pines down? She said she would ask him. The answer was no and when he did he refused the job. I don;t know what the price was he was given but whatever it was, I said I would pay half. Needless to say, Mr. Don't Give A Damn, refused to have them taken down. Once again, he said, "don't worry, they will be down by the end of the summer".

Two months later I confronted him and asked if I could have a timeline on when the pine sap dropping trees would be down and he said, "Gino, you know what? The trees are there and I don't have the cash to take them down". Remember, I told him I would pay half of the cost. I was flabbergasted, toe say the least. I had just spent $75 to have my wife's car detailed and to have the pine tar removed, and the paint is now starting to thin in places where I have constantly been removing pine sap. My PT Cruiser is just as bad and there is always enough pine straw to fill a flower bed on my driveway.

I asked his opinion once on a project and thanked him. He replied, "what are neighbors for". Well, I can certainly answer that one. Does anyone have any advice for a disappointed neighbor?


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