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Three Questions to Determine if the Aerogarden Will Work For You

Updated on June 18, 2009

While you might have seen that the Aerogarden will allow you to grow fresh produce, herbs, and other such items even in the middle of winter you might be asking if the Aerogarden is going to work for me and my family. This is a great question to be asking because the cost of an Aerogarden is not cheap and if you do not use them properly to get the best possible production from your Aerogarden at the proper time it will not pay off for you. Here are three questions that you will want to ask yourself before you purchase an Aerogarden to make sure that the system will help you save money.

The first question that you are going to want to ask yourself is how much of the fresh item that I am going to be growing will I use. Now I know that for me I like growing the fresh herbs and the fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter. Now the cost of these items in winter at my local store always goes up and I rarely see them on sale. So I know that just by my growing these items I will end up saving money during the winter months because I will not have to pay the marked up winter cost on these items other than just walking to my Aerogarden to pick some right off the plant.

The second question that you will want to ask yourself is do I have space for the Aerogarden system that I am looking at. Now in general most of these systems are the same size unless you get the three pod system. So the size is not really going to be a problem, but it is nice knowing where you are going to put the Aerogarden prior to purchasing it.

The third question that you will want to consider is the cost of the item and if using the Aerogarden will end up saving me money. Now like I mentioned earlier you will want to make sure you grow an item that you will be using a lot of, but at the same time you will want to make sure that the cost of the item will balance out with what you are spending for the Aerogarden and the seeds. So I know that this can be a challenge, but for me I actually saved hundreds of dollars.

While the Aerogarden has been around for several years many people might not have thought about figuring out if the Aerogarden system would help them out. I know that for me the Aerogarden has managed to save me a ton of money on produce in the winter, I always manage to use every bite of the item that I grow, and I have plenty of space for the Aerogarden. Once you weigh all of these factors I am sure that you will agree that the Aerogarden is well worth the money.


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