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Tips for a low maintenance garden

Updated on February 5, 2009

As the majorty of common folks, you may have only small plot of garden, and only interested to the point that you have an area of ground and have to do something with it. You don't want to be a gardener, and you couldn't. But if you are lucky enough, you are a reluctant large plot owner, most probably you will turn out to be fanatical gardener, because it is the fact that many fanatical gardeners grew out of reluctant plot owners who felt that they had to 'do' the garden. 

If you want a garden that leaves you time to put your feet up and relax with friends and children, then you should aim for a low-maintenance plot. There is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden, unless it has been entirely paved over, but there are ways to reduce the hours spent on boring repetitive tasks. 

Here are some tips for a low-maintenance garden: 

  • For ease of cutting, the lawn should be rounded at the corners rather than have tight angles where the mower won't fit. 
  • Deep mulches on the flower beds - of at least 5 cm (2 in) -will reduce the need to weed. 
  • Don't grass over steep banks: plant them with groundcover plants instead. 
  • Paths should be flush with the lawn to allow the mower to cut the edge of the grass. 
  • Use permanent shrubs for display rather than seasonal bedding plants as they don't need regular replacement. 
  • Don't plant hedges that require frequent clipping, such as privet or leyland cypress. 

a low maintenance garden
a low maintenance garden


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