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Tips for Buying a New Home

Updated on October 5, 2010

Start the house hunt early

The housing market is constantly changing so it is a good idea for new homeowners to start looking for a home at least 6 months prior to your desired move-in date. Know what you want and what is important to you in a home and tell your realtor so he/she can watch the real estate market for you and send you listings of homes that meet your criteria. You can also tell your realtor that you are interested in viewing foreclosures or short sales to get the maximum amount of house for your money.

Be financially prepared to buy as home

If you are having trouble paying your bills on time, then you are probably not ready to buy a home. Prepare your credit score by paying all your bills on time. Don’t think that just because a company doesn’t charge a late fee that they won’t report to the credit bureaus because they will.

Hold off on big purchases

It is tempting when you are in the process of buying a home to go out and buy a new couch, bedroom set, or big screen television for your new house but the best idea is to wait until after you have purchased the home. If you are buying these things on credit, you will be able to get a better home loan if you have less debt. Also, you should buy the furniture to match the house, not the house to match the furniture. Wait until you buy the home so you can make sure that new big couch will fit in your new living room.

Get a pre-approval


Your realtor will be able to connect with a mortgage specialist to get a pre-approval for a home loan. This way you don’t waste your time looking at $200,000 houses and then only get approved for $150,000. They can also help your research the different types of loans available.

Consider the little things


One mistake new home-buyers typically make is that they forget about all the little things they will need when they move in and they spend all of their saved money on a down-payment or closing costs. Things you might need to purchase when you buy home are mini-blinds, a lawnmower, paint, and appliances. Be sure to put away some extra money for these and any other things you might need.




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      Tessica 2 years ago

      I cannot tell a lie, that really hepedl.

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      Solyn 2 years ago

      Kudos! What a neat way of thknniig about it.