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Tips for Warming up your Conservatory this Winter.

Updated on December 17, 2012

A conservatory is a lovely addition to any home and for many homeowners it provides that extra room for relaxing, entertaining or dining. By it's very nature, a conservatory is about bringing some of the outdoors in and this is great so longs you are not bringing in too much of the winter temperatures!

Here, we look at ways to make your conservatory a lovely part of your home all year round and as we are rapidly entering the depths of winter I thought it very fitting to discuss winter-proofing your conservatory so that you can enjoy it even through the winter season!

Keep the heat in!

A conservatory is not an insulated room like other area's of your home, with it's glass or plastic roof lot's of heat can escape. You can generate heat with the use of central heating or freestanding electric heaters but you also need to minimize heat loss, this can be done in various ways. Start by keeping draught's out with a decorative draught excluder along the bottom of the door, close windows tight and make sure the seals are sound. By using conservatory blinds both on the windows and on the ceiling you can help to keep heat in (you can get specialist conservatory blinds that keep the warmth in for the winter and the room cool in the summer). Regularly checking the roof of the conservatory for any damage is a good way of catching any problems early.

Candles create extra warmth, aroma and atmosphere.
Candles create extra warmth, aroma and atmosphere.

Create more heat.

When using your conservatory in the winter it is worth finding cheap ways of creating extra heat as firing up the heating to the maximum is not the most economical for the purse! I love to create some more heat by placing lots of scented candles around the room . It is great way to add lot's of extra warmth, fantastic aroma and a lovely relaxing atmosphere. Candles can be picked up very reasonably at any supermarket or home store; I tend to go for nice large ones that are in a glass holder to ensure there is no dripping wax and they last a good long time. This tip is especially lovely for when you are dining in your conservatory.

If you are using your conservatory to enjoy reading or relaxing in the daytime why not keep yourself extra cosy with a warm blanket? Choose a thick woollen blanket in colours to compliment your room, when you have finished drape it over your chair for a softer, more sumptuous look.

Think about flooring

Conservatories have a tendency to get very cold floor's. This can be overcome by thinking carefully about the floor coverings that you are using. Wooden floor should be used very cautiously as the constant change in temperatures can cause the wood to shrink and split, it is also susceptible to suffering from damp. There are companies that provide specialist wood and laminate floors that are suitable for this type of application but they do tend to be quite expensive. Another flooring option to consider is tiling the floor, this offers a hard wearing option that is not susceptible to temperature changes and is very easy to maintain. Choose floor tiles with a high PEI rating to ensure the longevity of your tiles. The downside to tiling the floor is, of course, tiles are not the warmest of materials so it would be recommended to combine with underfloor heating systems to provide you with a warm, hard wearing floor for years to come. If neither of these options suit your requirements you could consider a less expensive option by carpeting your conservatory for a warm and snugly finish. Carpet would need an especially thick underlay to keep the cold from pushing up from underneath and a thick pile carpet would give a luxurious warm feel to the room. Please note; carpeting is not recommended for those conservatories that are already suffering from damp as you could end up with a soggy, smelly floor in a very short space of time.

Create a "feeling" of warmth

You can add to the warmth in the room with some clever lighting. Purchase lamps that exude a warm glow to bring a feeling of sunshine into your conservatory, I love lamps that can be angled to create brightly lit corners. You can also “warm up” your conservatory with bright coloured chairs, cushions and rugs.

So by using these few tips, we really can begin to enjoy our conservatories all year round!

This article was written by Content Specialist Becky Whittaker.


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