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Tips for a Fast Home Sale

Updated on March 3, 2016

If you have ever been in a situation that you need to sell a home fast, then you know how frustrating it could be. Day after day, you hope a perfect buyer will turn up and make a great offer.

The peak home buying season could be over, but there are still ways to speed up the sale of your house, without sacrificing profit. Here are 4 useful tips to sell your house as quickly as possible, even in the offseason and in any real estate market.

1. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything. This means that, nothing is more important than the first impression. So think about what a prospective customer may think as he or she drives up to the house for the very first glance. Walk down into your street and look at your property, examine whether it has shortcomings. Does it look attractive, and well-kept, and clean, or does it need any maintenance that you have been putting off?

Once your house is on the market, it is critical that your landscaping needs to be impressive to home buyers, which becomes an important factor to draw buyer in, maintains their interest, as well as set the house apart from its competition.

Give your home a makeover by repainting the front door, adding new sod, planting more flowers, or replacing your mailbox. Additionally, remember that unless you are willing to offer a discount well below the home market value, perfect customers usually will not want to buy a property that needs a lots of works. It is therefore advisable that you put some money into cleaning up the house.

Depersonalize Your Home

Take down your family photos, vibrant paint colors, and other items like religious or political posters in order that prospective homebuyers can envision their family and lifestyle in the future home - not yours.

Clutter could make the difference between a pleasant home tour and an instant aversion to the property. Therefore, de-clutter your home by removing knickknacks and excess furniture. No one likes your pet accessories, so remove (or at least do hide) the pets as well as their paraphernalia, such as cat litter boxes and dog dishes. Also, stage the home to show how the rooms are supposed to be used.

2. Make Upgrades

Many people do not want to spend little extra money on remodeling the house, because they think this is unnecessary and can increase the home price due to arising expenses. For example, when the property is worth approximately $300,000, and needs to spend around $40,000 to upgrade the kitchen, then they have a mistaken belief that the house is now worth $340,000. This is dead wrong.

Keep in mind that, if your home has a sorely outdated bathroom or kitchen, you are more likely to discount the asking price, or your buyers may move to other properties. Further, the vast majority of homebuyers might require additional home inspections before making a purchase offer. So, don’t you try to ignore essential repairs that could be a red flag to a house inspector of a mortgage agency.

3. Price the Home

Choosing the right listing price can be one of the most vital steps for selling your house quickly. If your house is priced too low, you will obviously leave the money on the table, but if it is overpriced, you may have few offers and then watch it get stale on the mortgage market. Some sellers normally think that they should set the asking price high and then lower it if the property fails to sell. However, this can lead to a slower sale, and sometimes even at a lower price.

In case you don’t know how or how much you should set the price, consider hiring a real estate agent. Many times, home sellers try to sell property without the consultation of a real estate professional, as they think it can save money in the long run. But have you ever thought the good ones could save you both money and time? In reality, real estate professionals are paid a percentage of your selling price; therefore, they will also do the best to price the property perfectly for their best interest, within a reasonable amount of selling time. So, don’t take a risk to make your house a stale listing because it’s overrated.

4. Have good photos of the house

Most homebuyers start their search online or in local home magazines, and then decide which houses they will want to see based on the photos. That means you need to have some great images that help accentuate the home’s best features as well as selling points. These impressive images will help inspire homebuyers to come to your open house and request a tour.

After having enhanced the curb appeal, depersonalized the interior and exterior spaces, and made your necessary upgrades, you should consider hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality photos with the best light. You probably want something better than just a snapshot taken quickly with your phones.


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