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Tips for a beautiful home

Updated on November 18, 2013

Your dream is to own a home but to keep your house clean and beautiful needs sustained work on your part. There are people who build a house, but do not make any efforts to keep it clean. It gathers dust and gradually become just a shelter which accommodates you.If on the other hand you take interest to make it beautiful, it gives back immense pleasure and happiness. Good imagination and interest is all you need to make your house clean and beautiful.

Entrance should look good

The entrance of your home attracts immediate attention. If you are living in a flat, you do not have space. But a potted plant can do wonders. You can choose a good ceramic pot to hold the plant and when placed in the entrance it gives a rich look to your house. You should keep the plant healthy by watering it and cleaning the leaves so that dust does not cover the leaves.

The living room

Never over cramp your living room. If the room is small, then obviously your furniture should also be in accordance to the size of the room. The three piece sofa is the most common arrangement with a center table in the middle.

A flower vase with flowers matching the décor adds beauty to your living room. You can always experiment with the furniture; place it the way you wish to make the room beautiful. The color of the curtains should synchronize with the color of the sofa so that the room looks beautiful.

Make your bedroom your unwinding domain

The most comfortable place in your house is your bedroom and so it should be airy and clean. Do not keep your bedroom cluttered as your mind feels edgy by the disorder. The size of your room decides the size of your bed; if the room is small a twin bed will make it look very cramped. Instead you can go in for medium size bed. The bed covers should be very neat and clean. A wardrobe to accommodate your clothes and a dressing table is all that is needed.

A family photo gives a personal touch to your bedroom. The bed, dressing table and wardrobe should have uniformity in color and design. The curtains must be light in texture to bring in sunlight to make your room look bright and not gloomy. A flower vase looks beautiful and colorful.

Do not ignore the bathroom

Bathroom is a place ignored by most of us. You can have a designer bathroom by choosing the proper fittings and colors. The tiles, the bathroom fittings and the towel rail should sync with the other fittings. A small wall hanging and designer lighting completes the picture.I always like the idea of flowers in every room and why not the bathroom also. A small flower vase placed aptly in a convenient place make it look beautiful.

Your kitchen needs special attention.

Cleanliness is its top priority and if you have the inclination can make it beautiful also. There are now a lot of modular kitchen arrangements available according to everyone’s budget. Choose the convenient one for you and an electric chimney is a good investment as it saves your kitchen from oiliness spraying on the wall. The kitchen slab can be in granite or marble, but its color should go well with the color of your kitchen tiles. Again a flower vase will make your kitchen different and beautiful.

Dining hall also can be made unique

If your dining hall is large, then you can go for the six seat dining table, otherwise choose the four seat. There are the round, the rectangular and also the square shaped dining tables. The choice is entirely yours and your choice should take into account the number of family members and also the size of your dining hall. A refrigerator and a showcase to hold the cookeries is all that is needed in a dining hall. A brass container with artificial plant will make your dining hall look oomph.

Your budget and your imagination can make your home a delight to live in. You also need the interest to make it homely and also beautiful. Your house should not look like a hotel which is very artificial, but should reflect your character.


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    • profile image

      Buffy 3 years ago

      Unarepllaled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      Simple things do make a lot of difference in the look of your home.It is your interest that counts.Thank you HomeDIY.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      You are right when you say cleanliness is the important factor for a beautiful home.Thank you for your good comments.

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 6 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      these are simple yet effective ways to make one's home beautiful and cleanliness is the most important factor for a beautiful home.

    • HomeDIY profile image

      HomeDIY 6 years ago

      Simple things make the biggest differences. Thanks for the reminder.