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Important household tips

Updated on March 18, 2014
Baking soda
Baking soda
Butter milk
Butter milk

Every woman would love to know some house hold tips, to overcome everyday's huddles at home.These small tips helps to ease their work and worries and provide relief .

House hold tips are

  • Before peeling the garlic cloves soak them in warm water they get peeled easily.
  • When we make potato cutlets apply little arrowroot powder to it, on both the sides of the cutlets, shallow frying them. they become crispy and do not scatter.
  • To keep off fruit flies away from fruits and vegetables,in a cup pour a cap full of apple cider vinegar heat it in an oven and add 1/2 tsp of dish washer liquid and keep it among the fruits or vegetables.
  • If any one feels gastric in the stomach ,for instant relief add one tsp of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it.
  • Put little salt to the heated oil before frying ,it will help to keep the oil from getting over heated.
  • If blood pressure drops suddenly give a lemonade with spoon full of salt added to it.
  • If you have diabetes drink butter milk everyday with black pepper powder.
  • For soar throat chew black pepper seeds and sugar candy .
  • To loose body fat quickly drink a cup of hot water soon after every meal.
  • For the treatment of prolonged fever boil 10 leaves of basil leaves in a glass of water ,when it reduces to 1/4 drink it everyday for 10 days.

  • To reduce high blood pressure instantly chant Ommmmm few times and breath deep ,soon you will see drop of blood pressure.
  • Apply ice pack on the frozen should to get relief from pain immediately.
  • If we put 2 cloves while storing sugar jaggery ,sugar candy or honey in a container it can be prevented from ant attack.
  • While storing pulses like kidney beans gram dry peas and rice place bay leaves to protect it from pests attack.
  • If two utensils get stuck into each other ,keep them in the refrigerator for 10 mins and then separate them easily.
  • To clean the plastic paint spill on the floor just wet it with water and rub with a sand paper.
  • To remove oil pain on the clothes or floor ,rub it with a cloth dipped with kerosene oil and then wash it with water.
  • To remove the fresh strain from a cloth rub it with saving cream instantly the strain will go.
  • Keep neem leaves with your warm clothes to protect from pest attack.
  • You may wrap warm clothes in old news paper to protect them from pests.
  • To keep apple fresh, wash it with lime water
  • To keep the bananas fresh for long remove it from the stem and keep in fridge to retain its texture and freshness ,
  • To clean silver utensils boil potatoes and use it's water to clean stained silver utensils and other stubs.
  • To freshen the saggy tomato skin put them in water to which you have added sugar.
  • To clean the wash basin and the drain pipe pour some vinegar into them along with washing soda.
  • Polish your copper ,silver and gold with coca cola or thumbs up or any other fizzy drink.
  • To keep the front glass of a car free from water marks rub tobacco leaves on the glass , it will keep clean and let no water accumulate over it.
  • To keep the leafy vegetables like spinach ,coriander,mint or other leafy vegetables fresh ,we must chop their roots while keeping in the fridge.
  • To keep the green chilies fresh remove the stem part and store them to keep fresh.
  • To protect rice from pest insert few branches of neem plant in the storage box.
  • Keep lime into a bowel of water before you squeeze it for some time .you will see more juice squeezing out of it
  • To clean your teeth white rub your teeth with baking soda and mustard oil.
  • Clean your sticky gas oven with vinegar to get it sparkling clean.


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