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How to Keep Your Garden Maintained & Healthy?

Updated on September 9, 2019
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Deepak lives in Delhi & completed M. Phil. He is written about Interior and Architectural ideas. He is also blog editor at “KreateCube".

A maintained garden produces beautiful flowers, plants, healthy fruits and vegetables. It is a way to reflect your likes, dislikes and your personality. So, it is imperative to maintain a garden and keep it free from weeds and vermin.

Indoor Gardening Tips

Indoor plants are used for decoration purpose as they enhance the beauty of an indoor by ornamenting it. Besides adding to the beauty of an indoor they also purify the air and make it healthy to breathe.

Indoor plants are known to minimize the risk of diseases caused due to air pollution; they help in healing quickly. At workplace they help you concentrate on you work and perform better. Some of the indoor plants that can purify the air around you are Photos, Anthuriums, Palms, Aloe Vera and Spider Plant.

Photos make great indoor plants as it reduces the level of carbon monoxide and other air pollutants and are also popular because of their striking looks. Its leaves are heart-shaped and have a combination of two contrasting colors (green and yellow) that gives it a golden glow. It can even absorb impurities from things like the carpet of the house. Photos are best for decorating your home or keeping the environment of your office healthy.

Anthuriums rid the air of formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia. The dark green leaves and the beautiful flowers beautify the surrounding.

Palms do not need much maintenance and are easy to grow. This variety of plant is very popular because of its patterned looks and for its ability to remove impurities like benzene and carbon monoxide from the air.

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that needs lesser quantity of water and can be perfectly placed in an indoor where sunlight strikes to the maximum.

Spider Plant enhances the visual appeal of a room and is trendy due to its unique looks. It can flourish on moderate lighting conditions.

Using indoor plants in home decoration also include placing the plants in the right location, watering adequately, taking care that your plants are free of dusts and pests, choosing good pots for indoor plants (plants with at least one hole in the bottom), uprooting weeds and unwanted plants. Let us discuss these measures in brief.

  • Finding the Right Location: It is a necessity that indoor plants are located at the right placed according to the requirements of the plants. Some indoor plants need higher intensity of light and longer duration of exposure to light and heat. So, place the plants according to its requirements to make it flourish.
  • Watering Adequately: Different indoor plants need different levels of water, plants like Aloe Vera grows well in dry soil. You can observe the quantity of water required by a plant by putting your finger into the soil. If you find it dry after putting your finger inside, it means that it is moist only in the surface level and need to be watered more. However, if it is wet inside, there is no need to water it overly as the roots of plants may rot.
  • Making the Plants Dust and Pest Free: Using insecticide is a good idea to keep off the pests, however, if you don’t wish to use insecticide, you can preserve its health and beauty by washing it gently with Luke warm water. Moving them to new location also helps, but to avoid the spreading of bacteria from one plant to another one must not wipe the leaves.
  • Selecting the Right Pots: Pots with at least one hole in the bottom is essential for plants to thrive. The hole in the pot allows drainage of water which is essential for the roots to remain healthy. If the excess water is not drained then the roots of the plants will rot and the eventually die.
  • Uprooting Weeds and Unwanted Plants: Cutting off excess growth and removing dried leaves will keep the plants appear beautiful and healthy. Unwanted plants and weeds take away the essential minerals from the soil causing harm to the potted plants. Removing weeds will keep the nutrients and the moisture of the soil intact for your plants. Regularly removing the weeds and trimming the plants will prevent them from becoming oversized plants and occupying large space.

Outdoor Gardening Tips

Sunlight is the most important factor for the proper and healthy growth of plants. Some of the outdoor plants grow healthier in sunlight while some grow well in shade. You have to take care of the plant’s requirement for sunlight and plant them accordingly.

If you have potted outdoor plants then it becomes easier for you to relocate them according to its requirement, but don’t relocate them unnecessarily because plants take time to get acclimatized to their surroundings.

When you are not sure about the sunlight requirements of a particular species of plant, you can place it in a place where it gets both sunlight and shade. You can visit a plant nursery to know more about plant’s requirement for sunlight and shade.

  • Add Fertilizer to The Soil. Adding fertilizer to the soil will supply the nutrients that will turn your plants into healthier ones. You can select the right type of manure that suits your garden’s requirements. Before adding fertilizer, it is also important to understand the type of soil, you can submit a soil sample in the soil test laboratory. The test will provide you information on the type and the quantity of fertilizer to be used in the soil.
  • Outdoor plants also need adequate amount of water like indoor plants. Though they can survive outside without regular rainfall but they need to be watered on a regular basis.
  • Remove Dried Branches, Leaves and Flowers. Removing dried leaves, branches, unwanted plants will leave enough space for your plants to grow and stay healthy. Cutting off the brown leaves and dries branches after the end of every growing season is good for your plants as it will keep your beautiful garden look even more colorful and green.
  • Remove and Keep off Insects & Vermin. Even if you take good care of your garden there is every possibility that insects will find their way to your garden and cause damage to the plants. Using insecticide is a good idea to keep off insects. Without keeping an eye over insects, your trimmed garden may get damaged. If you want to choose a natural way of keeping off insects you can use insects that are predators and eat bugs that survive on plants.
  • Carefully Observe Plants Before Buying. Avoid plants with visible signs of damage, swelling, yellow and slim leaves, split and plants in which the stems have been destroyed. Choose trees with straight trunks and avoid trees with multiple stems, also observe the roots of the plants carefully, if the roots tend to grow in a circular pattern after you have relocated them in your garden, plants may die. Roots that grow in a circular pattern also encircle the main stem or other roots and finally the plants die. Look for plants that are well-colored, have healthy leaves and abundance of new growth. Select plants that are not covered by weeds on the surface, as these plants are usually grown with difficulty in garden. Weeds indicate that a plant has remained in that particular location for a long time and will struggle to grow in a new location.
  • Clean Up Your Garden. Removing the gathered leaves from your garden after every season keeps a pavement dry. Dried leaves and twigs make great compost, but if these leaves form a layer on the surface of the green ground, they may hamper the growth of grass and make a pavement slippery. By cleaning up your garden after every blossom you are getting rid of vermin and diseases that can infect new plants. Cutting the grass to the ground is a good idea as it leaves enough space for new roots to grow.
  • Pots may become Ugly, Slippery due to the accumulated dirt. So, you should scrub the garden pots with a stiff brush and rinse them thoroughly with water. You can scrub with a baking soda as it won’t harm the plants.
  • Once your garden is cleaned you can go for removing weeds. weeds can be easily removed when the ground is wet and moist. After removing the weeds, you can mix some new soil to improve the quality of soil. Before you are ready to plant in your garden, you must get all the weeds and the dirt removed from there.
  • Observe the Quality and Quantity of Light in Your Landscape. Your plants will not bloom without light, so observing the quality and quantity of light received by your garden and selecting plants accordingly will help them flourish in your garden. Also, you need to understand that trees and buildings around your garden area will cast shade. Plants should be placed according to the path of the sun throughout the day. Choosing the plants that will easily thrive in your garden will keep your garden filled throughout the year.

A maintained garden will endorse beauty and good health!


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