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Tips to Planting a Rose Garden

Updated on September 20, 2018

Everyone loves roses yet they can be very difficult to grow successfully. Trying to get a rose garden to take root may require some work as these flowers need specific conditions to grow in. Here, are some tips to planting your own rose garden so that you will have great success in getting whatever variety you prefer to brighten up your garden with their beauty and welcome the many species of birds and insects that are attracted to roses. Roses will give you many years of enjoyment.

Where Do I Plant Roses in My Garden?

Roses like areas that get at least a good four to five hours of sunlight per day. They should be planted in an area that is free from other plants, such as bushes and trees, as roses can grow quite large and enjoy spreading out. If you are growing a rose that likes to climb, make sure that you plant the rose in a place where a trellis can be added to give the rose something to adhere and climb. You can plant roses next to other roses, but if you are planting a new rose in a spot where an old rose plant was removed, make sure you properly prep the soil by removing 18 cubic inches of old soil and replacing it with new soil. Otherwise, your plant will not take root and grow properly as there may not be enough nourishment in the soil.

How Much to Water Roses

Roses need to be planted in an area of the garden that has good drainage and sufficient sunlight. They do not like to be an area that is known to have standing water after a good rain or in soil that does not drain properly. Drainage is very important. Soil that does not have good drainage could cause the rose to die if it is too wet. Plus, if the roses do not get enough sunlight, and dew is left on the plant, it could develop fungus which, when compounded by unsuitable drainage, will kill the flower.

If the area in which you plan on planting your rose garden does not have good drainage, but excellent sunlight, you can still plant your garden there. You will need to build a raised flower bed about 18 to 24 inches high before planting your roses. This will ensure that the soil the roses are planted in will drain properly and that they do not develop any diseases that will kill them because they have too much water.

Once you know that your roses are planted in a good drainage location you will need to water them every two to three days until the roots are well taken. If the weather is hot, you can water them once a day preferable in the morning or in the evening. Just make sure you do not over water them and cause them to inadvertently be too wet.

Should I feed Roses?

The answer to this question is dependent on the type of soil you are planting your roses in. Roses like soil that has an acidic pH to it so before you plant your roses you need to determine if the soil needs additional preparation. You should start by loosening the soil to a foot deep and then mixing organic material and composted manure to it. Water it and let it sit for a few days before planting. You want the soil to have a pH range of 6 to 6.5 although you can go as low as 5.6 and as high as 7.2. If the soil is not in this preferred range, you will need to treat the soil to get it to the right conditions. Limestone can be added to soil that is too acidic while sulphur can be added to soil that is too alkaline. It is best to consult a professional about your soil pH level and what you need to do to correct it before planting your roses.

To promote the healthy growth of roots, add some bone meal to the hole you plan on putting your rose in. This is a good source of phosphorus, which roses will take to when you first plant them in the ground.

Tips for Growing Roses


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      Lynn Luther 

      9 years ago from North Carolina

      Glad you liked it!

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      Harlan Colt 

      9 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      Good job. Thanks,

      - Harlan


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