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Tips to Prepare Your Mudroom for Fall

Updated on October 20, 2019
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Melody's motto is be prepared. She shares expertise about keeping a well running home, and how to keep it that way.

Creating A Mudroom You'll Love

Fall mudroom decor should feel cozy and provide ample storage space for jackets and shoes.
Fall mudroom decor should feel cozy and provide ample storage space for jackets and shoes. | Source

The Steps to Create a Functional and Beautiful Fall Mudroom

Wouldn't it be cool if the shoemaker's elves showed up one night and prepared you're mud room for fall? We all have probably wished for magical helpers to get it all done. Maybe even dreamed about finding a genie in a bottle to grant it as a wish. But keeping your mudroom organized is just one of those tasks home dwellers must put on their to-do list before each season.

After all, the benefit and purpose of a mudroom is to prevent people from tracking mud, sleet, snow, and other undesirable weather into the home.While mudrooms have the tendency to collect junk, they also function as an important room, as it is often the first room the neighbors, family, and other visitors see.

A good way to keep your mudroom organized is to clean and organize it at the start of each season. With a little bit of time and planning your fall mudroom will be functional and beautiful - with as few headaches as possible. Fall is the perfect time to think big because this is when we begin to feel the need for more space.

Because modern life moves at such a quick pace it can be really tough to keep up with this mundane task. Nevertheless to find time to track down great ideas that will motivate getting the job done. If you have the ability to see the room of the ground up, you can begin to see the potential in the space. You can create a vision you will fall in love with. Dream big, even if you can't find ready made furniture, there are lots of vendors for custom made mudroom cabinets, coat racks, and other storage-wise pieces.

Below are the four steps to help your mudroom set up for autumn go smoothly. Learn what items are necessary for the fall (not forgetting the Thanksgiving holiday). Discover endless amounts of inspiration, and find the motivation to prepare yourself to watch fall pass by from the view of your lovely mudroom.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the steps to follow so that you will feel proud every time you step into your home and admire your dream, dedication and hard work. As you follow along, allow your personality and creativity guide you through each step. That way your mudroom will be equipped with the things you need and the things that make you happy. Bookmark this page to use at your leisure.

First, Make a List of How You Use Your Mudroom In Fall

First things first. What functions do you need your mudroom to serve? You might want to use it as a gathering place where you can enjoy time with neighbors. Or maybe you and your partner want to watch the leaves change color while snuggling. You could be the parent who needs a place for all those extra shoes and jackets, or the grandparent who needs a great place to keep the grandkids organized.

No matter who you are once you know what your mudroom needs your ready to build a list of what you need for the fall. Since the function of the mudroom is to prevent tracking weather and mud into your home, what you need this season will depend on where you live. Start with what you need, and then you can list the things you love. When you make your list take several minutes to really plan it out. Don't limit your list to items you may need, but also consider storage needs and decor ideas.

List of things commonly found in a mudroom during the fall:

  • Weatherized mats

  • Attractive storage furniture

  • Coat rack and coats

  • Hat rack and hats

  • Shoe shelf

  • Umbrella

  • Gloves

  • Broom

  • Dog leash, pet bed and other pet supplies

  • Cleaner (for mud)

  • Mirror

  • Bulletin board

  • Sitting area with pillows

  • Display case (for kids awards)

  • Seasonal curtains

  • Lighting

  • Rugs

  • Potted plants

  • Backpack storage area

  • Fall decorations

Fall brings beautiful scenery and cooler weather. While we all enjoy a crisp-cool day picking pumpkins and frolicking, we often return home with galoshes covered in mud. The flow of the mudroom should allow for easy access to a weatherized mats, and a place to store their dirty shoes. This spot should be close to the exterior door to prevent mud being tracked all over the place.

Next, think about the weather where you live. If you need winter clothing, such as hats and jackets, make an organized area for these items. If you have kids, consider creating a cubby area for each child. Don't forget a spot for youngster backpacks. If your are also redecorating head over to Pinterest to get an endless amount of ideas.

Think about incoming mail, a place for trash, and a little extra storage space to make sure there is room for all the stuff that tends to be held in the mudroom as it finds its place in the home. Basically, make sure there is storage space to grow on.

Once you have a list of what you want in your mudroom the go take inventory. Organize your thoughts and ideas and then you are ready to tackle your mudroom.

The Clutter Free Mudroom

Custom mudroom cabinets are a stunning way to use the space and impress visitors.
Custom mudroom cabinets are a stunning way to use the space and impress visitors. | Source

Then, Declutter Your Mudroom

Mudrooms tend to gather clutter, which is why it's a great idea to utilize storage space. Your pre-autumn to-do list should include cleaning, organizing, and preparing your mudroom. It's incredible how a well organized mudroom makes a big difference to a well functioning home. Allowing last seasons clutter to persist prevents you from utilizing the room to its full potential. It will keep adding up until the clutter becomes overwhelming.

A good rule of thumb is to remove items or furniture from the room; If it doesn't serve a purpose for the room find a new place fore it, give it away, or sell it online. If you haven't used it in forever, it's probably time to move it to storage or get rid of it. Something that your clutter might be telling you is that it's time to clean out closets, attics, or your garage to make space for new things that tend to become overflow clutter.

This is also a good time to check your mudrooms storage space, and to consider space saving furniture that looks attractive. As a family grows, whether with kids or pets, the need to evolve your storage space grows. If you have ever dreamed of using the cubby space system, now might be the time to put it on your to-do list.

If your struggling with the decluttering stage, it might be because you feel overwhelmed. Don't worry though, as you remove clutter creating your dream fall mudroom design might feel better than ever.

How to declutter your mudroom:

  • Check to make sure your closets, attics, sheds, or garages has enough storage space for items coming from the mudroom

  • Tackle the project in chunks, taking small breaks if you feel anxious

  • Make a goodwill box for items you will give away

  • If you never use it you might be able to sell it online

  • Clear summer items, such as beach towels and sandals, to make room for fall apparel and footwear.

  • Visualize your dream mudroom, and remove anything that doesn't match the vision

  • Check out some of your neighbors mudrooms

  • Use bins to sort items, then remove them in groups

  • Address overflow junk mail

  • Implement and incoming and outgoing mail system

  • Create a fall art project to get your kids motivated to help clear shelves and clutter

  • Think about the potential to create a social space where you can have a cup of coffee and chat with neighbors to motivate you

  • Don't give up, but take your time

After a little hard work, your clean mudroom will be cleared of summer items, and be ready for the next stage. At this point, you should be able to see a clear vision of the finished product. Let this act as your motivation for the next step.

A Place to Hang Your Fall Jackets

During the fall you will need hooks to hang jackets and raincoats, and don't forget the umbrella stand.
During the fall you will need hooks to hang jackets and raincoats, and don't forget the umbrella stand. | Source

Next, Gather Furniture and Items you Need for Autumn

This step is divided into two parts. First is contemplating the layout of your mudroom. With the cool weather of fall, now is an ideal time to change any furniture pieces that have become less functional or damaged over time. The second step will be to gather items you need for a smooth Autumn. After that it's time to address decor, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Begin by getting rid of any old furniture in the room. Once it's cleared out take some measurements. Then do a little browsing on Amazon, Wayfair, or Pottery barn. If you haven't shopped mudroom storage in awhile, you might be surprised at the current selection.

Furniture ideas for the mudroom:

  • Modular bench set

  • Entryway bench

  • Hall tree storage

  • Coat locker

  • Upholstered storage

  • Storage cabinet

  • Accent chests

  • Shoe rack or shelf

  • Trash can

  • Entryway tower cabinet

  • Cubby cabinets

  • Modern concealed bookcase or traditional bookcase

  • Industrial storage cabinet

  • French style dresser

  • Accent chairs

  • Small drop leaf table

  • Pet bed

  • Fall lights

Once you select your perfect mudroom furniture, then order the pieces you want and remove old furniture. You might find an alternative purpose for old furniture, give it away, or sell it on an online marketplace to find your new pieces.

After the furniture is arranged the way you like, it's time to get the list you made in the first section of this article. Gather all the items and arrange them in their right places.

By now you should be feeling proud of your hard work. Now that you have assembled a functional Autumn mudroom, you can start thinking about decorating, which might be the most fun part.

Last, Decorating Your Mudroom for Fall

You may not have the help of the shoemaker's elves, but by this point you will feel like you do.

Decorating your well organized mudroom is fun. This is where you get to add in your own personality and style. It doesn't matter whether you go rustic or retro. The design you choose should be one creates a nice atmosphere. It's the entrance to your home, and where your home gets to make an entrance.

Since it's fall, there are lots of fun ways to bring a little color to your mudroom decor. Great Autumn design incorporates vibrant oranges and yellows, reflective of turning leaves and sunshine. It also includes deep rich browns and reds. This gives you an idea for your color schemes.

It doesn't matter if you shop at the Dollar Tree, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby or Target. You might even get crafty and make some decorations yourself. Either way, shop in late summer to take advantage of early-birds specials.

Here are some ideas for fall mudroom decorations:

  • Decorative pumpkins, real or made from cloth, plastic, or ceramic

  • Harvest wreaths

  • Lighted velvet or wire pumpkins

  • Sentiment pumpkins or signs with inspirational messages printed on them

  • Fall leaf and pumpkin centerpiece

  • Rugs with fall colors

  • Mason jars painted with fall fillers

  • Wooden dough bowls with filler pumpkins, glitter balls and leaves

  • Fall colored pillows and blankets

  • Think about using fall colored curtains, allowing plenty of time to clean previous curtains

  • Turkey or pumpkin wood welcome sign

  • Stacked pumpkin decor with written message

  • Light Up Maple Leaf & Pumpkin Garland

  • Corn stalk decorations

  • Pilgrims, squirrels, or scarecrows

  • Fall light up metal fall decor

  • Galvanized pumpkin tray

  • Anything acorn

  • Give thanks banners

  • Burlap decorations
  • Or if you dare, decorate it for Halloween until Thanksgiving

Don't go overboard. Too many decorations might make things look cluttered, which defeats the purpose. Pick a theme and incorporate a few different design elements. Use the main theme to draw them together in a way that creates an overall design flow.

Now Take Time to Enjoy Your Cozy Mudroom

Being the first room people see, your fall themed mudroom will bring a calming and cozy ambiance. The effort you made us sure to bring joy, and a few compliments, too. Make sure to pay yourself on the back and spend time enjoying your hard work.

The first day of winter begins December 21. You won't have to change your Mudroom again until shortly after Thanksgiving. That is when you get to organize and decorate for Christmas. Until then, make room in your life to soak in the beautiful Autumn weather.

© 2019 Melody Collins


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