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Quick Tips to Stage Your Home

Updated on August 13, 2014

If you're thinking of selling your property, or even getting a higher offer when on the market, you should consider staging.

What is staging? Staging a property is the act of organizing or preparing your home for sale, with a focus on appearance and presentation. The goal here will be to make the home more appealing to the potential buyers that will be walking through it, with the final goal of getting the best and highest offer. Remember think like a buyer when staging your home.

There are many companies out there that offer staging as a service, they offer services from rearranging your existing furniture to bringing in their own. Their prices vary on how much work they will perform and how long their furniture needs to stay at your property.


When deciding on staging you have to consider the value and cost. Staging an empty property will cost more, of course because there nothing in the property. And when staging a furnished home, it should cost less, depending on the condition of the furniture. Cost to stage a vacant property can range from $250 to $1000s, depending on the how many rooms need to be staged. Staging a furnished home should usually cost from $250-$500. And most staging companies will stage for a 3 month period, additional fees will apply if you need a longer period.

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Below are some do it yourself tips for staging your home.

Curb Appeal: Make sure to trim bushes and tress, cut the grass, check the flower beds for dead plants and put down some bark or moulch around the dirt areas(I've used the red moulch which stands out). Check for chipped paint around the property, touch up the areas that need it. The front door is very important, make sure its clean or paint it if needed, a dirty door is always a turn off for prospective buyers.

De-clutter: Try and have minimal things in each room, you want to make sure that potential buyers can walk through every room with out feeling crowded. Put things away, kids toys move them to the garage, clear countertops, don't have too many towels hanging, or clothes laying around. Another place to de-clutter would be you fridge door, take down as much as possible.

Cleaning: This goes without saying, your home needs to be clean. This will include mirrors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms and floors. And make sure it smells good, use those wall plugins. Huge tip - close the toilet lids, a toilet seat left up is not appealing.

De-Personalize: This is a must in my opinion. Take down family and friends photos, some buyers tend to associate and make a descision on a home with the photos there. Religious artifacts, if you can, take these down also. Food, do not leave food on the stove or counters, this includes dirty dishes.

Finally Make it Inviting: When there is a showing or open house, make sure that you the owners, are not present when potential buyers show up. Leave soft low music on, jazz works well. Plug in air freshners, bake cookies or spray Febreze, the house needs to smell good. Open all the curtains/blinds, or turn on some lights, the property needs to look bright and open.

Remember your final goal is to sell and sell for the most possible, so put a little time in preparing your home before listing it. Talk to your Realtor and ask for their opinion on how things should look, an outside prospective is always good. And good luck on the sell of your home.

© 2012 TomRy


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    • profile image

      Patty 5 years ago

      Great article, I completely agree people need to clean their homes.

    • TomRy profile image

      TomRy 5 years ago from USA

      Runningdeer thanks for the comment, another factor could be the listing price, in today's market the price needs to be competitive.

    • RunningDeer profile image

      RunningDeer 5 years ago from Iowa

      My parents have been trying to sell my house for almost a year now but to no avail! Good points!

    • profile image

      Cynthia M. 5 years ago

      Your right, last year we were shopping for our house and saw some terrible homes were they hadn't clean anything, plus my biggest annoyance when shopping for a house when leave the toilet seat up.

    • TomRy profile image

      TomRy 5 years ago from USA

      Yes Marcy those are the house you tend to remember, the dirty ones. Thank for the comment.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Welcome to the site! This is a terrific guide for anyone selling their home. You are so right about getting rid of clutter and overly personal things. I once looked at a home that had tons of craft supplies, clothing psttens and other things stored in boxes everywhere you looked. Every closet was full and there were boxes stuck in hallways and the corners of rooms.

      They were all neatly stacked (although they were usually open, so you could see the cluttered-looking contents - all neatly filed). It was overwhelming, and a huge distraction. It's been years, but I still remember that house - I can't tell you how many bedrooms it had (at least three - that was my minimum requirement), but I can still described the crammed look of every closet and spare bit of space. Even cramming things neatly doesn't work - get it OUT of the house. You'll recoup the cost of a storage unit in the expedited sale and higher offers.

    • TomRy profile image

      TomRy 5 years ago from USA

      Great, I'm glad that I could help. Thank you for the comment.

    • profile image

      Christy Stewart 5 years ago

      Thanks Tom! We are going to sell our house next year (our first home and first time selling), so your advice will come in handy! Your writing was simple, straight forward, and concise. Keep up the great work :)