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Tips on How to Make Interior Doors More Attractive

Updated on November 21, 2011

Doors Are a Part of the Décor of a Home

An average home can have as many as 20 doors in the interior spaces, if you consider all passage and closet doors besides the room and bathroom doors. There will be doors closing up the broom cupboard or the staircase to the attic. They are all doors that make up part of the décor of your house and simple attention to them could turn your home into a much more cheery place than it now is by learning how to spruce up plain interior doors.

Simply Paint the Doors

Get some paint remover and strip the door of its original paint. Sand down the surface and apply putty or some filler to all the blemishes and scratches on the door to cover them up. Then apply that new coat of paint. It is best if you can take down the door while you are doing this, so that you can easily paint the top and bottom, which you may not be easily able to do if the door is in position. Choose bright colors to match the room or passage the door is on. You can even paint each side with a different color. It is best to use enamel or paint that can be cleaned with a damp cloth so that the spring cleaning aspect is taken care of. You can even use the door surface to create a collage with different colors if you feel so artistically inclined. Try out the designs on your computer and get the design approved from all your family members. While you are about the job of painting, check on the door fitting especially the handles, hinges and locks to see if they could also do with a polish or replacement job. The possibilities are endless and these new fittings can give a real personality to your doors.

Use Decorative Moldings to Spruce up Plain Interior Doors

Decorative moldings in wood are available at most interior decoration stores or even at the local hardware outlet. Such moldings are also known as wood trim. These can be from ½ inch in size to bigger sizes. You can get such moldings that are curved to really add glamor to your door. Decide on how you can create a pattern on the door with these moldings. You can do this on both sides of the door or leave one side plain. Use a power nailer to nail down the trim or molding to the door. Paint the molding to give your spruced up interior door a whole new look. You can also buy this trim in PVC if you can get it. This can come in different colors and may not even need painting over. If you really wanted to spruce up those interior doors, consider a fancy plaster molding all around the door jamb. This can add real cl-ass to a door.

Other Ideas For Plain Interior Doors

If the door is one that is normally kept closed, you can even use it as a backdrop to a series of framed photographs or other art work. Properly hung and even lighted, the door behind them would literally vanish from a person’s perception. Hanging up pennants or other memorabilia is also one way to spruce up interior doors. You can also use veneer glued to the door along with moldings to create a real raised look to a door. A stained glass panel added to a door can also immediately make it look attractive.


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