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Great Ideas for Fixing Problems Around Your Home With Great Cleaning Video!!!

Updated on October 5, 2016

Tips and Solutions

We are always looking for easy ways to solve problems around the house. Here is a list of some simple ideas to make life easier for you using the things you probably have at home already.

1. Keep oil from dripping down the side of the bottle wrap a paper towel around it and secure with rubber band.

2. For those nasty rust rings on your bathroom counter put your husband's shave cream in a beer Josie.

3. When ketchup won't come out of the bottle put a plastic straw into it all the way down and leave it there to stop the vacuum.

4. Save rubber bands around a used ribbon holder then use them to seal up chips, cookies, etc.

5. Save plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue box

6. Use vinegar to polish your chrome in your bathroom.

7. Use hairspray on your pantyhose to stop a run.

9. Spray waterproof spray on your cotton couch at the lake or beach to keep it clean.

10. Use denture tablets in your coffee maker and run through a cycle to clean the scale of.

11. Use a denture tablet in your toilet tank to keep your toilet rust free and clean.

12. When leaving home for a week or so pour a little bleach in the toilet bowl and come home to ring free toilets.

13. Use mouthwash to clean your bathroom mirror and computer screen.

14. Put a damp paper towel in the bottom of your produce drawer to keep just the right humidity and clean up spills when the food is used.

15. Have a second pair of comfortable shoes just for the house to keep from having to clean your floor so often.

16. Leave a basket at the bottom of the steps and put items needing to be taken upstairs in it. Carry everything up in one trip.

17. Use toothpaste to clean your silver and ketchup to clean brass.

18. Put a little Sticky Tack each candle holder to keep it from falling over during a dinner party.

19. Leave a plastic bin in your laundry room for dirty rags. When they build up enough for a load clean them all with hottest water and bleach.

20. Use binder clips to keep chips fresh.

21. When taking a shower, wrap your hair in a bun and secure with a clip. Let dry while you get dressed. When you take it out your hair will have extra body.

22. Use pantyhose to anchor your tomato plants to stakes.

23 To clean stains from your dishwasher put some powered orange or lemon drink powder in the dispenser and run it through a cycle.

24. Use old checkbook holder as a coupon holder.

25. When you shrink a sweater accidentally turn it into a scarf. ♥

26. Save money by cleaning your mirrors and windows with ammonia.

27. No time to clean toilets Grab a few sheets of toilet tissue,squirt with hand soap at sink and wife of toilet cleaning from clean to dirty or top to down!! Toss and flush when done

28. Use 1/4 c ketchup and 1 tsp cream of tarter made into paste to polish copper. If you have factory lacquered copper just clean with damp rag or dust.

29. Use toothpaste to clean silver

30.Keep a bucket full of all your supplies including an empty grocery bag for trash and go from room to room.

31. Use a soft cloth with vinegar or club soda to polish chrome.

32, Red wine stain on water soluble fabric. Sprinkle with salt the pour Boiling water over the stretched fabric

33. Clean your diamond rings with a solution of 1T ammonia to 6T water. Soak ring in solution 15 min. Brush with soft old toothbrush, rinse and polish with soft cloth.

34. While doing outside gardening we bring in so much dirt. hang a bottle of hand soap on your outside faucet.

35. Use car wax on sinks, faucets ,etc to keep from cleaning so often and prevent water spots . Just don't use on floor as it will become too slippery.

36. I like to keep a bunch of microfiber cloths stacked in a drawer and whenever I clean I use one to mop, dust .wipe of sink, counter and cabinets . No soap needed. Even cleans windows and mirrors without any smears. You can pick a large package up at your local hardware store.

37. Most Importantly Pick up things as you walk past them. Have baskets near by to store things away till you have time to put them away later.

38. Wipe down the shower just before you shower. It's quick and you don't get dirty cleaning.

39. When leaving town put a little bleach in each toilet bowl to avoid the pink rings when you get home.

40. If you run out of clean furnace filters vacuum your old one in a pinch.

41. As the holidays are upon us you will probably be doing a lot of wrapping. Keep your ribbon organized on a standup paper towel holder.

42. I had to use cloth diapers because my children developed allergies to the paper ones. The diapers always seemed to leak by morning and I found myself changing and washing sheets everyday. One day I thought of putting a pad in the diaper. It worked like a charm and my twins beds and nightclothes where dry in the morning!!!

43 When leaving town I pour a cupful or two of liquid bleach in each toilet bowl. When I get home no more pink mold rings.

44. Need to keep your indoor plants watered while away. Put a little water in the bathtub. Enough to let them stay moist but not become waterlogged.

45. For mothers of preschoolers that clip coupons. Buy some safety children's scissors and let them do it for you. You will be surprised how well they do and how good they will feel about themselves.

46. Make your chrome shine with rubbing alcohol.

47. Use witch hazel has a good inexpensive astringent

48. Put a damp washcloth in a plastic bag in the car for wipe ups with you or little ones and save on wipes.

49.Sterilize your sponges and dish rags in the microwave. Rinse them out well. Place in microwave on high for a minute or two every day.

50.Out of buttermilk. Make your own substitute with lemon juice. One tsp lemon juice to cup of milk.

51. Got moles? Put laxative tablets in their holes. They will eat and leaf the hole and your yard.

52. Get rid of spiders in your home with peppermint oil on a cotton swab. Place in the corners of your home where the spider tend to show up.

53 Mix some tea tree oil with oil and use as a natural deodorant

54. Put an inexpensive feminine pad in you little one's diapers at bedtime and no more wet sheets and pj's in AM

55. Feed Twins out of same bowl with same spoon . They are mixing saliva all day with their toys anyway.

all purpose glass cleaning supplies

Borax makes a great homemade laundry detergent

P.Allen Smith sponsored Clean Home in 30 Minutes

Vinegar is a Great cleaner and Disinfectant

Daily Cleaning Routine

Making a Scarf Out of Ruined Sweaters!!!!

♥ You will need several sweater for this project so if you have old, picked and pilled sweaters you need to shrink them in your washer. Wash in your machine with the hottest water possible and dry as well. This will make thick ravel-proof knits. Next cut rectangles, to your liking, from each sweater. Follow the grain line. Make sure each patch is same width, but lengths can vary.

Now you are ready to sew. Use a 3/4 in seam allowance. Be sure to keep the allowance on the same side of your scarf. If you do not have a sewing machine with a stretch stitch and needle for knits you can use embroidery thread and sew by hand. Have fun!!!

References: Budget Living Feb/Mar 2004

Make things easy on yourself

Basket for the bottom of your stairs
Basket for the bottom of your stairs | Source


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  • nancynurse profile imageAUTHOR

    Nancy McClintock 

    7 years ago from Southeast USA

    so glad you enjoyed them!!!!

  • nancynurse profile imageAUTHOR

    Nancy McClintock 

    7 years ago from Southeast USA

    Thanks so much Hanna

  • profile image

    Helpful Hanna 

    8 years ago

    Wow! These ideas are great! Thank you!


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