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The Outside Temperatures and Humidity is Perfect for Paint and Painting the Interior and Exterior of Your House

Updated on September 5, 2012

Painting Season is Right Around the Corner

With the spring and summer months just around the corner, and all that fun and jubilation that that inspires, why not get your home into the festive activities as well with a new layer of paint? Change an old dark room into a new, lively, bright, fresh room that the entire family will want to hang out in. Give the exterior of our home a whole new perspective on life with a new bold color. One of the easiest improvements a homeowner can make is to just simply change a walls color. It is also one of the cheapest as well, with most paints being relatively well priced. With a little prep work, and a free weekend, anyone can change the attitude and demeanor of their home. Whether you choose to do just a single room the entire interior or the whole house inside and out, some simple prep work and a lot of planning can save you in the long run. If all this is too much, or you have bitten off more than you can handle, a professional can be hired to do the work for you, or if you just want the results to be correct the first time, and not have to fool around with all the paint, prep, and spills that are associated with painting.

Exterior Painting

Spring time is one of the best times to clean and paint a house. Not only do most people do spring cleaning, but the weather, being cooler, helps the painting out a lot as well, by drying quickly and evenly. Exterior painting is usually not possible during the winter and colder months due to the low temperatures, as well as summer with its extremely high temps, and this is the perfect time to get your entire exterior a makeover. Clear out all the dead foliage, cut the grass for the first time of the year, trim all the bushes and shrubs, break out a ladder, and give your home that fresh spring color that pops. Your home and yard will look like a whole new residence. Trying to sell your property? A coat of fresh paint and a clean well groomed yard are paramount to selling your property, and can be a wise investment as well as key to selling your home. When it comes to exterior painting, most homeowners try to accomplish this task themselves. Unfortunately though, as most DIY homeowners find, its usually better to go with a professional painting company to perform this task, as they have all the tools to do so quickly, efficiently, as well as safely. Most homeowners own at least one ladder, but most do not have scaffolding, and all the painting tools, such as extensions, needed to paint the exterior of a house safely. Also, professional painters have all the needed brushes and rollers for the proper paint being used, as well as for the style of painting being preformed. Also, if the exterior of your home has badly worn, cracked, peeling, or just no paint at all, there are special steps needed to make sure that the paint adheres well to the exterior of your house. Paint that is just slapped onto the house is most likely going to fail and crack and look horrible, even just months after doing so. Peeling, cracking, chalky surfaces, mold, mildew, rust, all take its toll on painting, and if you don’t know how to remove bad paint, as well as prep for fresh paint, then exterior painting should be left to the professionals.

Interior Painting

The good news though, is that interior painting is a little easier. Although you do have to worry about bad paint surfaces, the exterior weather, humidity, and temperature, it is generally easier to paint indoors. After everything is moved, drop cloths are put in, interior painting is about as simple as it can get. But if the desired results are still not achieved, a professional painter can still come in and help you out and give you the home of your dreams. As with exterior painting, any interior jobs become too much to handle, a professional can be brought in to complete the job. Also, as with exterior painting, previous bad paint jobs, cracking, peeling, or other kinds of existing paint damage, as well as weather and humidity all play a important roll in getting a quality paint finish on the interior of your home as well.


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