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how To warm the temperature of an above ground pool

Updated on December 20, 2011

To what temperature can an above ground pool be heated?

Heating an above ground pool can be very difficult, the larger the pool the more expensive it can be.

For any pool smaller then 15ft you can use a 3kw heater which can be plugged into an extension lead or outdoor socket. These range from £50 up to £100 and will usually raise the temperature by about 2-3 Degrees Celsius, not a big difference but will help take the chill off the first foot of water.

Any pool larger than 15 feet and you will need to be looking at a 9kw or 12kw heater, these are a little but more expensive and can be anything from £100. These will need to be wired directly into your properties electrics by a licensed electrician.

There are also solar covers which are more economical and cheaper, they are recommended to be used with a heater as they will help keep the heat in overnight and will also increase the temperature of the water but these can also be used without a heater. Please remember that solar covers are not there to prevent debris from falling into the pool these are purely there to heat the pool.

Other alternatives would be to look at purchasing wet or dry suits for children as a cheaper option this will help keep your children warm while using the pool.

Thomas Staton - Is an Above Ground pool and Intex Pools expert with over 4 years experiance in this feild.


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