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Tom the Thanksgiving Turkey

Updated on November 21, 2016

Fun for the whole family to make

If you haven't already, please take a look at my Reindeer and Snowman Couple hub as well. The Reindeer is the hub that will show how to make the body of Tom the Turkey.

Step 1: Cut a 12 inch circle and add ribbon to the back to hang him.

Step 2: Cut circles from brown paper bags (can also use brown coffee filters)

Step 3: Use Marker to find center of the brown circles that you cut, bunch the circle up around the end of the marker and glue to your 12 inch circle every 1/2 an inch. Start on the outer edge and work your way in.

Step 4: Glue large feathers to the back of the 12 inch circle. You could make feathers from felt or foam, remember to use thick felt or foam so they stay up right. You could use a feather bower or smaller feathers as well. These large ones where about $2.50 a pack (a pack contained 1 of each color)

Step 5: I used brown felt and cut out a head of a turkey, I turned it wrong side out and sewed around, then turned it right side out and stuffed with poly fill. Glue in the center of body.

Step 6: I glued on eyes and made a cone shape with yellow felt and glued that on as well. Added some red for the wattle that hangs down.

Step 7: I glued some gold around a green plastic hat I had. You can purchase small black felt hats at Joann's fabric store. Glue the hat to Tom's head.

Step 8: I then cut some legs with feet out of yellow felt, making them long enough to hang down so they can be seen. Glue them on the back of the 12 inch circle.

Tom the Turkey is all finished! The video found in my Randolph the red nose reindeer hub will show you the steps needed to make the body of Tom. I hope you enjoy him, I know I do! Please leave a comment and would love to see a picture you you make one.

Tom our Thanksgiving Turkey

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