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Tomato Container Gardening

Updated on July 12, 2009

Tomato container gardening has ensured that almost any person who really wants to can actually grow their own fresh tomatoes and various other kinds of vegetables even when limited by space. You actually will get high quality produce from a simple small container and as we will see growing tomatoes together with certain other vegetables has advantages.

This concept of gardening will work very well for those of you who live in apartment buildings or in homes with almost no extra space. Here is a great chance to enjoy your own crisp tomatoes from your very own magical garden

Now that almost everyone today values freshness and quality of vegetables they take at their tables, vegetable container gardens are catching up  pretty fast. And although you will not grow a lot of crop, you can win the game on quality. Because you have almost absolute control over the environment striving for the optimum conditions is a game where the indoor container gardener is favored over the conventional gardener. You can even grow exotic tomatoes and grow hydroponic. But back to the basics.

All you will ever need is a simple container and some negligible space somewhere in your apartment. Your dinner table will never be the same again because in your small container you can grow a tomato here, a vegetable or even another herb over there. For best results, you may need to look for a slightly larger container where you will do well to add a basil plant, parsley and most probably a small pepper plant.

Preparation of the Container

Be sure that your bucket or pot has holes in the bottom for drainage. You should place rocks in the bottom of the pot for drainage before placing soil in the pot. Then you can plant your tomato plant and watch it grow.

Following these simple set of instructions will ensure you have a nice experience with tomato container gardening. A few holes at the bottom of your pot will take care of drainage. And before you put in some soil, it would be important for you to begin with a few stones and after that all you do is sit and watch them grow.

For good results it will be prudent to ensure your tomato plant does not grow to be too big for you to be sure to enjoy abundant fruit. The other important step will be to remove suckers. These are small stems you will find growing between the main stalk and any other branch. Just as the name suggests, the suckers simply distract the plant and therefore they are best removed so your plant can concentrate all the nutrients in producing fruit.

You will have to tie your plant to the stake and watch it as it grows. This will prevent the plant from falling over when it is heavy with fruit.
So many city dwellers who are not able to do traditional conventional gardening for lack of space can practice their green fingers and hook up with the growing ecological awareness  And the fact that your tomato salad is prepared from your own produce makes the whole project of tomato container gardening even more worthwhile,


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    • healthyskincare profile image

      healthyskincare 5 years ago

      A lot of good info here. I "almost" feel like I could grow my own tomatoes! Maybe next year :-)

    • LezzzP profile image

      LezzzP 5 years ago from Devon

      We have a number of pots and containers in our garden. The problem is our neighbors cats like to go to toilet in them. Can you suggest a remedy for this?

      Thanks, Mark

    • Eric Hawkins profile image

      Eric Hawkins 6 years ago from USA

      Even though the 100 degree summer was really bad in Texas this year, my container garden has still thrived. {with tons of water of course} Now I need to add tomatoes to my container gardening experiment.

    • videotoweb profile image

      videotoweb 6 years ago

      Thanks for the hub! You gave me new idea with the stones at the bottom of the container before putting in the soil. I'm not really a garden guy but I am also interested with plants. The information is very useful.

    • profile image

      douglas39 6 years ago from Bedford

      A very useful hub indeed the new way to grow tomatoes is awesome.

    • profile image

      johntr91 6 years ago from Alabama

      A wonderful Hub I like the topic its a really good and informative Hub

    • profile image

      AJAY 6 years ago

      I love your concept. I am going to try it out my self, i will let you know the outcomes later. thanks.

    • stevelast profile image

      stevelast 7 years ago

      I have been growing tomatoes in the garden but am moving to somewhere smaller. Container gardening for tomatoes will be the way for me to continue. You mention removing suckers etc. But each year I do allow the plants to grow to long into the season and then there are green unripe tomatoes left at the first frost, but I just can't seem to bring myself to nip out the tops early enough so that all the plants energy goes into the fruit which will have time to ripen.

    • profile image

      surfspik 7 years ago

      excellent hub, in todays economic climate growing your own tomatoes in containers is a great idea, save money and improve your health with fresh tomatoes

    • BlueSkyBright profile image

      BlueSkyBright 7 years ago

      I have never planted tomatoes in a planter, but it seems like a greta idea. I will have to try this next summer for sure.

    • Jran profile image

      Jran 7 years ago

      Having read this hub I am very tempred to start a new hobby. Not only the taking care and growing of tomatos in their containers, but also enjoying them after - who knows I could also be growing my own family presents.

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 7 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      A do grow vegetables and with my Italin background tomatos are a must. I am sure i will be going the way of tomato containers - and who knows I am end up being a better cook.

    • MrBurton profile image

      MrBurton 7 years ago

      I like this! As an apartment dweller I do have a small herb garden and grow a few of my own herbs... mostly because they are small and easy to grow.. never thought of growing tomatoes before. I think I will start small like with cherry and then maybe the pepper plant.

    • profile image

      davidrichter 7 years ago from Germany

      This concept of gardening will work very well for those of you who live in apartment buildings or in homes with almost no extra space.In your small container you can grow a tomato here which describe very nicely in this article.

    • profile image

      stefan_wagner 7 years ago

      This article explains about tomato container gardening.the gardening method explained here is really attractive

    • Aboundz profile image

      Aboundz 7 years ago from Australia

      I have considered doing tomato container gardening recently, to get my 'natural vitamin C' hit. This certainly puts me in the gardening mood!

    • profile image

      enacolbergyql 7 years ago

      Me and my wife are planning to have a backyard garden and don't know how to start. Thanks for this article and we got some great tips in creating a garden.