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Top 3 Cuisinart Cookware and Kitchen Appliances

Updated on March 24, 2011

Cuisinart is certainly one of the more expensive cooking brands around but definitely not compromising in quality and endorsed by some very famous culinary connoisseurs. You will definitely find them in upscale departments and some specialized cookware stores but definitely not in the budget cookware section, although they are some affordable ones. Those who are familiar with the brand will certainly notice that it provides a wide range of products from cookware, coffeemakers, food processors to blenders. The entire purpose of this article is not to go through each of them but to go through those that are worth your time and money.

Here today I present to you 3 different Cuisinart Cookware and Appliances with various functions and purposes to do more justice to your culinary skills. 


Cuisinart 77-10 Chef's Classic Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

This cookware set comes with 8 and 10 inch skillets, 1-1/2-and 3- quart covered saucepans, 3-1/2- quart sauté pan and 8-quart covered stockpot. The first thing I want to emphasize about this cookware is that the quality is outstanding! The stainless kettles have a nice weight, well-fitting lids, classy sturdy riveted handles, flat bottoms that fit nicely on the burners, and stay-cool handles and best of all they heat evenly. It definitely has an expensive feel to it. Cleanup was not too bad and I don’t have to worry about overheating because heat is even distributed throughout the set thanks to the aluminum base.

One thing about this cookware set it that cleaning up can be difficult even with use of certain cleaning detergents. Certain foods tend to stick to the base since this is not a non stick cookware. But I personally had no problems with staining.

Overall, I would definitely still recommend getting this classic stainless steel cookware set from Cuisinart.


Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker

What I wanted in a coffeemaker is the quality of coffee it makes, so I went on quite a big search for one. Knowing that I’ve quite a number of cookware from Cuisinart, I decided to have a look at this particular coffeemaker model. I didn’t want something that was too pricey. I know of some that goes up to $500, which was well beyond my budget.

Basically this model is a stainless steel built model with sort of a retro feel to it. It also comes with a 24 hour timer and clock that automatically makes you a cup of coffee at a preset time (of course you’ve got to set it yourself). There’s also a charcoal water filter and a conical basket that accepts both paper and gold-tone filters. The carafe on this model is solidly constructed and you don’t have to worry about side leaks. I never had a problem using this. One thing I really like is that brewing was really quick. All it takes is a minute for one cup. You can also choose to pour the coffee at brewing mid-cycle but I personally like it doing it at full cycle which takes about a minute a cup. So does it make a cup of good coffee? Absolutely, a real hot coffee indeed!

One thing that I notice is that the coffee filter and water unit is made together. It can get a bit of getting used to since I did have some coffee grounds in the water area a few times. The inside water levels are also quite hard to see so I hope that Cuisinart will come up with an external water level indicator. You would also need quite a bit of height to place this coffeemaker as it is quite tall.

Overall, this entire unit is well worth its money considering its relatively cheap price and its ability to make a great cup of coffee. 


Cuisinart CPK-17 1.7-Liter Stainless-Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

After having problems with using cheap kettles to boil water, I finally decided to go for a better more expensive kettle. What I had in mind was a stainless steel kettle that has not plastic innards and had a good quality to it. I quickly realized that getting a kettle that fits into that category won’t be cheap. Breville had some pretty good ones but then I started looking out for those by Cuisnart.

This particular cordless electric kettle was pretty expensive. It fetched a price of about $140 in their retail outlet. But I manage to get it much cheaper online. What I really like about this kettle is that it had 6 preset heat settings which was great since you can adjust the heat presets for making tea. You don’t have to reheat the water over and over again. It also maintains the temperature for about 30 minutes. The blue backlit water window was really cool and adds a nice feel to the whole aesthetics (yup I know that’s not very important). It beeps when ready and is surprisingly silent when boiling compared to a Breville model that I’ve used. It’s also quite light when full.

There are some who might complaint of deposits collecting at the base. I do find on occasions that this happens but had no difficulty in cleaning it. Otherwise, this electric cordless kettle is a great buy. 


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