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Top 3 Ways to Save Your Hardwood Floors

Updated on April 16, 2015

Maintain the beauty

Treat your hardwood floors right for years of service and beauty.

They’re beautiful, they’re classic and, let’s face it, they’re not cheap. We love our hardwood floors, from the simple, clean plank, to the more decorative parquet. But daily wear and tear - as well as those infuriating scratches - seems to be inevitable. Luckily, with some simple maintenance, your floors can look great and bring you pleasure for years to come.

Mild Cleaning
While the jury is split down the middle between plain water and gentle, hardwood-specific cleaner, everyone agrees to keep it mild. Sweep with softer brooms and mop no more than once a week. Those “floor renewers” seem to work, but only coat floors temporarily and can ultimately be damaging. Avoid them. If you must use an oil- soap type cleaner, use it sparingly, depending on floor traffic, 4x a year too once a month.

Area Rugs
No need to break the bank on an 18th-century handmade Persian heirloom. Unless you really want to, then sure, send us pics! For everyone else, a simple cotton, wool or even synthetic (don’t judge) rug can add color, warmth, and character to your décor while simultaneously protecting your wood floor. And spring for a pad underneath. Trust us.

Fuzzy Feet
Call them what you will, use those circular, soft fuzzy feet in any appropriate size on every leg of every chair, table, desk, ottoman – everything. What about the tiny little end table? Don’t make us come over there, everything.

With proper care, maintenance of your hardwood floors need not be daunting. You totally got this. In coming posts we’ll cover the different types of hardwood floors as well as what works best for your home and for your business. Top Shine Flooring [] has you covered.


With a decade of experience in construction for commercial and residential real estate, Jack Erez identified a need for specialized flooring expertise. After years of looking for top-quality suppliers and precise workmanship, he founded Top Shine Flooring in 2014. If you have a damaged floor or need a quick estimate on an installation – contact Jack at


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