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Top Rated Flower Choices

Updated on January 11, 2020

The following flower species were chosen as this lawn & gardening season's All-America Selections Award Winners 2010.

Endurio Sky Blue Martien

This viola has a spreading, mounding characteristic which makes it a beautiful addition to flower beds for a splash of color. These sky blue flowers spread to about twelve inches in diameter, and grow to a height of six inches. Contradictory to their delicate appearance, these little beauties are extremely hardy.

Endurio Sky Blue Martien can be grown from seed in about nine weeks, and are perfectly suited for window boxes and in hanging planters. Their beautiful blue color makes them a nice addition in balcony and patio planters. Planting can be done in the early part of spring with blooms lasting well into the summer months.

Zahara Starlight Rose

Zinnias are old fashioned annuals with a sun loving nature. This beautiful and unique flower is the first ever in the rose and white bicolor, and is also disease resistant. These zinnias are resistant to leaf spot and mildew, which can overcome healthy plants, causing them to die. This mid-sized plant is 12-14 inches in height and width, it also requires two months growing time from seed to plant.

Zahara Starlight Rose is heat and drought tolerant, and makes the perfect plant for the beginning gardener. It is beautiful with its overwhelming number of blooms and is easy to grow, requiring very little maintenance making it so easy that green thumbs are not required.

Twinny Peach

Lacking the joints, or "snap", of its class, this snapdragon gets its name from the double flowers it exhibits like "twin" blooms. Twinny Peach has a unique, soft blend of peach color shades. No other snapdragon has this unusual, yet gorgeous, blend of distinct colors. Growing time from seed to flower can take up to three months.

Twinny Peach is the first double flowered snapdragon. It is just under a foot in height and eight inches at the width of the base. As with all varieties, this species will bloom throughout the season with little to no maintenance. 

Mesa Yellow

The first blanket flower that doesn't fall over! This AAS winner is the first Gaillardia F1 class flower that comes from seed. They stand up to a height of 18 inches, and a width of just under 25 inches. Blooms can be safely cut for bouquets.

Mesa Yellow flowers are partial to having full sun, and their blooms will attract butterflies if the flowers are not removed. For a bright hanging basket of these almost maintenance free blooms, plant seeds around the outer edge of a planter. The flowers will grow over the planter's edge, cascading down the sides. Growing time from seed to plant is approximately four months. 

PowWow Wild Berry

This deep rose-purple coneflower is unique in color, and its larger branching and plant size. These large 3-4 inch flowers hold their color and beauty longer than other coneflower varieties. PowWow Wild Berry thrives in full sun, reaching a full height of two feet, and a width of 12-16 inches.

PowWow Wild Berry is a perennial that requires a little specific care in the year in which it is first planted. For initial planting, the seeds must be planted no later than January 25th, regardless of geographic location. For specifics on how to grow this purple coneflower, simply ask at your local nursery of look it up online. 

Moonsong Deep Orange

The intense deep orange color of this fade resistant flower must be seen by the naked eye to truly see its beauty. These class F1 Marigolds grow up to a height of 15 inches, and up to 15 inches wide. Easily grown in six inch pots, they will bloom in 70-84 days. Plants need to be kept at a constant temperature of 70-75 degrees during germination which lasts 5-7 days.

Moonsong Deep Orange plants need full sun to thrive, and are adapted to tolerate the stressors of severe heat and drought. Plants can be started indoors in containers in late winter. When blooms fade and die, the plant becomes deep green and bushy, adding to the foliage. Check the region in which you live for specifics on planting schedules.

Double Zahara Cherry

This variation of zinnia can be grown from seed in a greenhouse or indoors for 6-10 weeks before transplanting them into the landscape. Another sun lover, with a high tolerance for hot conditons, this zinnia is unique from past winners with its larger, double, disease resistant bloomer.

Double Zahara Cherry can be grown from seed to flower in 60-65 days. Their resistance to leaf spot and mildew diseases makes them easy to maintain for even the novice gardener. With beautiful cherry blooms, they grow to a height and width of about one foot.

Double Zahara Fire

Another new zinnia, the Double Zahara Fire does best in full sun and thrives on the hottest days of summer. Leaf spot and mildew resistant, these plants bloom from spring throughout the growing season, with little maintenance. Seeds can be sown in a greenhouse or inside in containers. Allow 6-10 weeks before transplanting young plants to garden soil. From seed to flower takes 60-65 days.

Double Zahara Fire grows to about 14 inches in height and a foot in diameter with full double blooms. This zinnia variety needs to be kept in cool, dim lighted areas throughout the initial growing period. Double Zahara Fire makes a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape.

These beautiful flowers from the 2010 All-America Selections Award Winners, as well as the winners in all categories can be found on their website. 

Perennial Flower Gardening


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