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The Grandfather Clock's Top Three Brands

Updated on December 11, 2009

The popularly known grandfather clock, also known as the tall pendulum clocks in the early centuries, is the most sought after home d├ęcor that collectors love to collect. It is because of the grandfather clock's uniquely crafted designs that draw these antique collectors mad. The designs of each grandfather clock are exclusively crafted by the hands of a craftsman that has been well trained over the years.

A grandfather clock chimes to tell the hour, and the quarter hours also. The chimes vary according to each grandfather clock. No matter what chime the grandfather produces, all grandfather clocks never ceases to give that one of a kind feeling where you go back in your youthful days where you used to play just around the grandfather clock or when you go grab your dinner and when you hear the grandfather clock strike announcing that is eating time.

Over the years, many manufacturers have emerged to produce these unique, elegant grandfather clocks to give all the consumers a chance to experience the unique feeling it brings with it. Each manufacturer offer different kinds of features that will cater to the different wants of each customer.

The three most sought after grandfather clock brands today are the Howard Miller, Sligh and the Ridgeway companies.

The Sligh Company, which was bought by the Bulova Company after ceasing to manufacture grandfather clocks, produces one of the best grandfather clocks with exceptional designs. Some of the Sligh grandfather clock designs still continue to exist through the production of the Bulova Company.

When it comes to quality, the Howard Miller grandfather clocks are the best choice. They produce nothing but the best clocks because Howard Miller Company gives you the best quality and value of your money is worth spending for. Howard Miller clocks are a favorite to the antique grandfather clock collectors. You can just about find a Howard Miller clock in every collector's gallery. Due to the reputation Howard Miller has gained, it has been given thee title of the "world's largest grandfather clock manufacturer."

Another company which has made a very good reputation for itself is the Ridgeway Company. They offer consumers with two kinds of grandfather clock set, the traditional grandfather clocks and the accent grandfather clocks. The traditional grandfather clock set looks more traditional. It is made up of wood while the accent grandfather clock set has the more modern influenced look. There are brighter, fun colors to choose from, not to mention the exquisite modern age designs their craftsman are inspired to make, and is made of plastic or steel, depending on its design.

Each of the three brands mentioned have the reputation and quality that a consumer needs yet they vary uniquely from each other. With these brands to choose from, you can never go wrong with your decision to buy a grandfather clock.


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    • profile image

      chris 23 months ago

      What about Briton clocks

    • profile image

      Corben 7 years ago

      I own three sligh clocks and that is the only brand i will ever own. The guy that oils them say that all three brands are great but sligh is his fav.