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Top Tips to make your Bathroom a Relaxing Haven

Updated on December 17, 2012

After a long hard day it can be wonderful to take a relaxing bath to unwind but with work tensions on the rise and our lives becoming more hectic it seems that the humble bath been relegated in favour of a quick shower; well, I am on a mission to change this and see the bath become a firm favourite in the bid for total relaxation.

Preparing your bathroom for maximum comfort

In these hard times you may not be able to afford a full bathroom refurbishment to create a warm and cosy setting to unwind or rejuvenate yourself; there are some small and fairly inexpensive ways to bring a touch of hotel luxury to your home.

Begin by looking at your bath towels, these need to be large enough to wrap fully around yourself so that you don't get cold, if you can afford them try and purchase some 100% cotton towels, these are extra soft on your skin. If you have a heated towel rail use this to lightly warm your towels for real pampering.

If your bathroom is need of some tender loving care take this opportunity to spruce it up, that way you won't be soaking in the bath thinking of all the little things that need doing. A deep clean of the bathroom every so often is a good way to keep it looking great, clean the tiles, the shower head, the grout and polish the mirrors.

A bath mat is great if you have a tiled or wooden floor, go for the softest mat with the deepest pile that you can afford, it creates a soft look whilst providing you with a warm and comfortable floor covering when you emerge from your long soak in the bath.

De – clutter the room; no-one can fully relax if they are surrounded by lots of clutter so clear out your bathroom storage and throw away all of those half empty bottles of shampoo that you know you are not ever going to use; try investing in some solid shampoo and conditioner bars, their solid form is great for saving space, they are excellent value and they are really good for your hair too (I converted to these a year ago and have never gone back to conventional shampoo!). If you are still struggling to find enough storage space, baskets can help to hide clutter whilst looking fresh and modern.

Add some fresh new accessories

Extra touches in a bathroom can give it a brand new look, experiment with colour but a new toilet roll holder, a soap dispenser and new toilet brush can give your room a different feel.

Scented candles are a favourite of mine, I love lighting them, settling back whilst the soft light and aroma fills the room. I find that the candles that come in a glass jar are fantastic as you don't need to worry about candle holders. Go for relaxing scents such as Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile or Orange Blossom.

Try and keep your bathroom free of clutter for optimum relaxation space.
Try and keep your bathroom free of clutter for optimum relaxation space.

Lastly, create the perfect soak

For best results your bath should be fairly deep (but not enough to overflow when you get in), the water should be at a good temperature to suit you; if the water is at a comfortable temperature you are much more likely to relax and unwind.

There are some amazing bath products available, I tend to use handmade cosmetics that aren't full of chemicals, my favourite products are from a cosmetic company called “Lush”, but there are lots of others out there too. The most relaxing bath I have ever created is an oatmeal bath, you simply take a clean muslin cloth, put a handful of oats in the centre of it and tie it up tight to form a parcel. Float this parcel in your bath as you run the water and you will see the water go a milky white. It is deeply relaxing and your skin will feel so soft afterwards.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips, with a little preparation we can all benefit from relaxing in the privacy of our bathrooms, just don't forget your book!!


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