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Top Two Air Purifier Companies in the World

Updated on August 18, 2012

Companies of Excellence and Economy

There are two air purification companies that stand above the rest because they not only provide the highest caliber HEPA filtration systems and air purifiers, but they do so at some of the lowest costs in the industry. These two companies are Austin Air and Vollara. Austin Air provides the best HEPA air purifiers in the world to cost/value benefit. Vollara provides the very best active air purifiers in the world to cost/value benefit. If you were to buy the best Austin Air HEPA purifier and the best Vollara Air Purifier, your costs over 10 years would still be significantly less than if you bought a hybrid air purifier from another company.

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Austin Air

Austin Air HEPA models include the Healthmate Standard (HM400), HealthMate Plus (HM450), Allergy Machine (HM405), The Bedroom Machine (HM402), Pet Machine (HM410), Healthmate Jr (HM200), Healthmate Jr. Plus (HM250), Allergy Machine Jr. (HM205), and the Baby's Breath (HM205). Austin Air filtration systems are set apart from competitors in the industry for 3 fundamental reasons: filtration quality and efficiency, design (including air intake), and cost of use.

  • Austin Air uses robust HEPA filters in their products that exceed HEPA efficiency standards. But they also include significant (15lbs) carbon filtration to absorb odors and gases. Only 2-3 other companies come close to this one in the area of filter performance.
  • Air filter systems are defined as much by the design of the casing as they are by the filters it holds. A poorly designed system can allow air leaks through multiple parts of the purifier. This results in less air passing through the filters and a lower efficiency rating even though the filter itself meets HEPA standards. This company's purifiers has an excellent design that includes a 360 degree air intake system to increase air circulation and the amount of air able to get through the filters in a short amount of time. It has the ability to make 4-6 air changes per hour.
  • These air filter systems cost between 11 and 18 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. The closest competitors to these purifiers in terms of quality typically cost upwards of 24 cents per square foot cleaned per year and more. Don't misunderstand me. These filtration systems are $400-600 machines on the front end so they cost more initially than some purifiers. But they endure for much longer and perform much better so that they end up costing you significantly less over 10 years.

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Vollara is the best active air purification company in the world. Their air purifiers are different from Austin Air because they do not use filters and rely on active process. They are the excellent complement to the best in filtration. Vollara models include: Fresh Air Surround, Fresh Air Everest, Fresh Air HEPA (a filter-pco hybrid), Fresh Air Classic, Fresh Air Box, Fresh Air Buddy, and the Fresh Air Focus.

These purifiers are set apart from the competition because they combine the gold standard of PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation) technology, commonly referred to as RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization), and other standard active purification processes including ozone and ionization with superior quality and a low cost of use.

  • Vollara is the exclusive owner of the rights to the RCI technology which gives them a technological edge in the market. This amazing technology is extremely effective at oxidizing gases like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and killing germs on surfaces (like MRSA - Staph Infection, Black Mold, and listeria). Combined with ozone and ionization it offers what no other active purification system on the market is able to provide in the way of technological superiority and cleaning effectiveness.
  • Superior Quality: These systems are manufactured in a plant that has at times had 1/4 of a percent failure rate because their standards are so stringent. It is also backed by industry best warranties for this type of system; about 3 years on the large units. But over the years, it has also become known that its air purifiers have a life longevity of 10 years or more when cared for properly.
  • The core units only cost 6.8 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. This matches the lowest cost/value benefits of competitors on the market.

These three factors, taken as a whole, eliminate the competition and set this company apart as best in its class.

The Perfect Duo

The Austin Air Healthmate HM400 and the Vollara Fresh Air Surround, when used together, provide the most comprehensive air quality treatment available on the market at a bargain price. Combined they only cost 17.8 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. These two systems together cost less than any single hybrid air purifier on the market, none of which can perform close to what these systems can. The HM400 provides the best in particle filtration while Fresh Air Surround provides what is lacking in the way of odor, gas, and germ purification. They are, in our opinion, the perfect duo.


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