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Top Washing Machines

Updated on October 30, 2014

Buying a Front Loader

I recently took the plunge and invested in a high end washer and I'd like to share some of the things I've learned by going through the process. Investing in an expensive appliance is something I didn't take lightly. I'm an internet freak so doing research actually excites me. I know - pathetic.

I think the older you get the more you appreciate a dependable, energy saving appliance. You're looking for reliability and performance. This is especially true as we are now paying up to twice as much as we did for the old top loading washer of a decade ago.

Front Load Washer

Saving Energy with a New Washer

Fortunately, every time you are ready to replace one of your old appliances, you'll be happy to know that you'll likely save money on your electric bill. Companies are making their products more efficient when it comes to energy use.To compare models and their energy efficiency, check out their number on the bright yellow energy card appliances now have. It makes it very easy to compare efficiency between models.

The newer designed front load washers also save on water. With an absence of a center agitator, the clothes are gently bounced in and out water that only needs to be filled halfway. The clothes are moving in and out so a full tub is unnecessary. Another bonus - without that agitator in the middle thrashing your clothing, your clothes will last longer. These wash cycles are more gentle on your clothes.

Another upgrade for these washers is the high velocity spin they can accomplish. The newer models are able to get more moisture out of the clothes which means less dryer time - which means lower electric bills. We know that our dryers can run up the electric bill.

Cleaner Clothes with Less Stress

I truly believe that I am getting better results with my new washer. Not that I am that picky about bright colors and I don't use a lot of additives. Straight detergent in my wash. And that is still my cleaning process.

These machines get your clothes cleaner using less energy. Another bonus is how your clothes will hold up longer. I know this is especially a problem with underwear and socks that get laundered on such a regular and constant basis. Without that agitator in the center, the clothes gently bounce up and down and in and out of the water throughout their cycle.

Owning a Front Loader

If you are the owner of a front loader - what brand did you purchase?

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