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Tree Faces - Smiley Prankster Forest Faces Liven Up Your Yard

Updated on April 26, 2015

Tree Faces - Smiley Forest Faces Liven Up Your Yard

Have you often been taking a stroll through the forest, hiking along a mountain trail or just out for a country drive and notice that some trees have faces? Well they do and your trees can too.

The pictures shown here are a small collection of the different styles of smiley faces that can liven up your yard or cabin get away and bring it to life. The smiley forest faces can easily be mounted on a tree with a couple of small nails and hung on the loops provided on the back of the pieces.

These blend in with the trees natural texture and can be left up year round through all the seasons. You don't have to own a forest to put these funny and conversation starters on your trees. They can be placed in any size yard, like maybe the big tree in the front yard so as anyone passing by will see your exciting new tree with a happy smilely face.

Children love these, adults are fascinated by them and those with large land areas enjoy putting a face on some of their favorite trees along property lines.

Smiley Forest Faces

Here are some great examples of these tree faces for your own yard or can be given as a holiday gift for someone who has everything.

  • Smiley Forest Face - Smiley face a cheerful happy tree face bringing out a smile and happy tree
  • ShadeMaster Forest Face - ShadeMaster with his sunglasses loves a nice shady tree to watch the sunrises and sunsets
  • Woodstock Prankster 2611 Tree Face -Woodstock Prankster old hippie face with some humor
  • Genuine Tree Peeple Woodchuck Tree Face - Woodchuck Tree Face loves watching for other forest animals to make friends with

Tree Faces

  • Mr MapleShade Forest Face - Mr MapleShade the wisest tree face watches over the forest and other trees
  • Whistlin' Pete Forest Face - Whistlin' Pete whistles for all to gather for that important forest meeting
  • Faces in the Forest First Nations Art Created on Living Trees - A book written by Michael D. Blackstock

Add Some Fun To Your Yard

By adding some tree faces or forest tree faces to liven up a yard, backyard or land not only will bring amusement and life to your property but also can bring some really favored times when placed near a gathering tree next to a favorite picnic area or along the trees leading up the driveway greeting your visitors. The options of where to place these wonderful tree face ornaments is limitless and by using some imagination your yard too can sing with life.


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    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Blake for asking. The smiley forest faces can easily be mounted on a tree with a couple of small nails and hung on the loops provided on the back of the pieces.

    • profile image

      Blake Londoff 6 years ago

      How do I put the forest face on to a tree

    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Smiles for all 50 Cal and steve-bc-ca glad you found these funny or interesting like we do. What's nice is all the pieces are separate not like on a plaque making it easy to place them however you like.

    • steve-bc-ca profile image

      steve-bc-ca 7 years ago from West Kelowna, BC, Canada

      I love tree's and what a great decoration idea! I only wish I had tree's in my yard. I'll go do the neighbors!

      In Canadian First Nations tradition the cedar tree represents strength and wisdom and its bark and branches are used in an assortment of ceremonies. During the full moon, first thing in the morning, I spirit bath in a cold spring. After this spirit bath I take a few minutes to hug a tree, rapping my arms around her and feeling her energy.

      I can see how this hobby could become addicting, good thing I don't have trees because every one would need to have a face, haha. Awesome, beautiful, useful and funny. Thanks for the great hub!

    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

      How cool is this? I found this an amusing and quite original article. A brilliant idea. Thanks for the smiles, 50

    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      They really are fun to place around. We have one facing the road that people can see as they drive by from a distance Some even turn around to get a second look.

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      These are a bit different, we have lots of woods around our house so it would be good to have a few of these. Guests to our holiday apartment would be sure to find them amusing.

    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Hey thougtforce glad you found the hub interesting and a happy smile! :)

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 7 years ago from Sweden

      The pictures made me smile, and I can definitely picture some in my yard. Great tips!