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Treehouse homes

Updated on December 20, 2011

Tree houses that are

Interior - what I call the "bubble"
Interior - what I call the "bubble"

Tree House Fantasy Dwellings - Part I

Once upon a time, back in the 70’s, all us happy hippy children just danced and sang and refused to grow up, remember? And if you would have asked any of us what kind of house we dreamed about having it would have been a tree house.

Yes, I too dreamed that I would live one day in a California valley (much like the one I live in now) where the great oak trees would shelter our commune’s gentle people in lovely hobbity dwellings up in their branches. There would be lovely tiny homes made with re-cycled wood from old barns and ships and wonderful windows like ship portals. You wouldn’t see them until you were within spitting distance because there would be no roads or noticeable trails to them. You would have to know they were there.

And in these little homes the wind would literally rock you to sleep and the rain would gently fall through the live oak leaves and you would have just as much as you would ever need, embraced by the forest and an old tree.

Only a few wonderfully creative people in Marin County, California and in the mountains of Colorado too, actually constructed these fairytale homes and maybe they are living there still!

I still have that dream, at least to stay in one for awhile, even if I can never have my own.

So I did a little online research and found out, that the tree house cult is still alive and well and some people didn’t give up on their dreams! There are some wonderful homes in the treetops.

In a short time, I found many photos of some truly exquisite tree dwellings.

Some are much larger than I would have ever dreamed - and some are so wonderfully engineered that they look like wooden bubbles hanging in the trees. There is one that looks very much like a regular house in a great vine covered dead tree, but it was not my favorite. (on closer inspection, I think that is a Chinese restaurant! it has Chinese characters on it)

That would be a wonderful idea, and a great tourist attraction - a whole town in the treetops!

There is even a tree house that looks like a miniature castle stuck way up high in the branches.

So now I know it is still possible to live my dream and that is very good. Even if I never get to actualize my dream, it makes me happy to know that they are there, that people know how to build them and it COULD happen, you know? Someday I might be swinging down out of my tree house like Jane and Tarzan!

The next step is to find a tree house or two near me and see if it is possible to actually go visit one. Then I could report back to you. So I can say in all honesty that I am reporting for HubPages, right? Well, maybe that’s stretching things a little too much.

Meantime - there are pictures here (if they are big enough to see) and you can go to the links I provide below. I’m not through with this subject of all kinds of fantasy homes that people dream of and build - and maybe I’ll actually inspire someone to build their own tree house! If so, I want to know about it. Or let me know if you already have one or have friends who have one! Even kids’ playhouse tree houses can be very cool.


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