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Buy Cube Shelves: Storage, Display, Room Divider

Updated on May 29, 2019

Get Some Cube Shelving

Do you have an open concept area in your main living space that needs a room divider?

Do you need an better system for organizing your child's room?

Do you need a place to both display, AND store in your living room?

The cube shelf is an excellent solution to all these dilemmas and more.

The cube shelf is a shelf constructed to look like several cubes all built together. Also called modular shelving, these units are one of the most modern and attractive options on the market. Whereas, most traditional shelves are shaped long, in a rectangular shape, the unique thing about the cube shelf is that is designed to look square. The square shape of the shelves modernizes the room it is in, and makes the shelf itself look less bulky.

Cube shelves add a punch to an older room, and are one of the latest storage solutions to help us stay organized.There are many different options to meet your needs.

Coaster Contemporary Home Office Cube Bookcase Display Shelves
Coaster Contemporary Home Office Cube Bookcase Display Shelves
This is a very affordable unit. It features a tiered shelving height, that will add visual interest to a room, and make a suitable room divider.

Room Dividers

A cube shelf can be used a room divider to divide two distinct living spaces within an open room, for example, between living room and dining room, or visiting area and entertainment area. Because of the open cubes within the shelf, it will help to maintain the open concept look, while still creating a sense of different rooms.

When choosing a room divider, you want to be sure that it is an attractive piece, because it will definitely be the focus of attention. A shelf acting as a divider is not hiding in the corner, but is in full view! A person may consider going for a shelf with some visual interest, such as unique lines, or a very attractive finish. Also, they will want a shelf that is attractive from both sides. Its position is not agains the wall, and therefore it will be viewed from all angles. A beautiful cube shelf works very well for those needs.

One of the goals for a room divider is that you have a piece with both form and function. Since the shelf is in your main living area, you want it to look good, but also want it to be able to meet some of your storage needs. The right cube shelving can do just that.

Some of the cube shelving is so artistic looking that it can actually be considered one of your art pieces within the living room! For a more solid divider between spaces, choose cubes that are closed. For more openness, choose cubes that are open.

Another Kind of Cube


Unique Design of Cube Shelf

A cube shelf is a different storage solution than a traditional long shelf. In a long shelf, it is more open storage, and division must be created on its own. With the cube shelf, the division between storage spaces is built in. Cube shelves also offer the advantage of being deeper than a traditional shelf.

Designs vary as to how many of the cubes are open, and how many are open backed. Some are designed so that all the cubes are open, some have all the cubes closed, and others have a combination of both.

Baskets are wonderful for creating closed storage with a cube. Some cube shelves come with the purchase of the shelf, while others can be purchased as an accessory to the shelf. You may also find something at a different store, bought stand-alone, that would fit on your cube shelf.

Baskets can be made of cloth, wicker, or plastic, and are excellent for storing items that you want out-of-sight, but that you still want to access regularly.

Southern Enterprises SEI 4-Column Cherry Media Shelf with 20 Storage Cubbies
Southern Enterprises SEI 4-Column Cherry Media Shelf with 20 Storage Cubbies
Very solid-looking storage. Designed specifically as a media storage shelf, holding up to 500 CD's or 280 DVD's.

Excellent Storage Solution

Using your cube shelf for storage. A cube shelf is very good for storing different types of items on one unit, because of the built-in organization. On open shelving, it is more challenging to divide between different types of items. On a cube shelf, for example, some cubes could be used for a few books, some for display items and some for board games.

When buying the product, check to see the weight that the unit can hold. This will vary, depending on the construction and building material of your cube shelf. The solid wood cube shelf will be the best choice for storing only books. Other shelves may be hold some books, combined with some display items.

Some cube shelves have been built especially for media storage. This would be a great tool to help organize your CD's or DVD's according to genre, artist, or year. Use labels if you wish to make it easier to find a particular CD or DVD.

How to Organize a Kids Room

Great Kid Storage Solutions

ClosetMaid 8937 Cubeicals Organizer, 9-Cube, Espresso
ClosetMaid 8937 Cubeicals Organizer, 9-Cube, Espresso
This shelf can be used for any storage, but is most commonly used for kids toys and games. It is a great size for smaller bodies to reach their stuff. Baskets can also be bought for closed storage within the cubes.

Perfect for Kid's Bedrooms or Playrooms

With its built-in organization, a cube shelf is also ideal for a child's playroom or bedroom. Kids have many different types of items that they play with and zones for all the different type of items can be created.

Cube shelving makes putting away toys and games fun, and is great for teaching your child organizational skills. You could also use labels to designate where things go. If the child is preschool, use picture labels in the place of words.

Not for Everyone

A weakness of cube shelving is that is a bit choppy, and not good for storing large items. It is better for storing smaller items. Some will prefer the look of a solid shelf, because it may be more flowing.

Cube shelving is not for everyone, but it is becoming more and more of a popular choice among homeowners and renters.

Unusual Uses for a Cube Shelf

  • Use it as a dresser! This is a great idea for someone who doesn't mind having some of their clothes in the open, and baskets can be used for the unmentionables.
  • Use it for tools! Make sure you get solidly built shelf, and don't mind the occasional spill. It would make the most stylish garage in the neighbourhood!
  • Use it for chickens! On one of the reviews for a product, I actually saw a lady who used her shelving unit as a nesting boost for her chickens. I kid you not!
  • Use it as huge picture frame! Frame a different photo in each cube, and have an unusuall and heart-warming photo display for your family room!


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