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How to organize your tupperware containers in the kitchen ON A BUDGET!

Updated on July 30, 2013

In this hub I'm going to share my way of organizing my plastic containers in my kitchen drawer.

I have to say, I use only the containers you'll see in the pictures, since I don't need more than these.

There is no need in buying expensive organizational products in order to store your things, you can re-use any container you might have on hand to separate the objects, but if you don't want to spend any money keeping your things organized, you can use the tips I'm sharing below.

Hope you get some ideas and find this post useful. :-)

One way to organize them that I find effective for my needs is to nestle the small ones into the bigger ones of the same shape. This way, you only have one part of the drawer occupied and you can even fit 4 to 5 containers in one same spot.

Here you can see that I don't have the need to use any precise organizing materials in order to keep my drawer organize.

It is just a way of knowing how to divide the drawers or space you have so everything you own fits well and, the most important thing, it is very easy to take out and put away so you don't leave anything in your counters for weeks! :-)

I'm also able to keep my kitchen towels in there, folded in a way that they are easy to get.

As you can see, my drawer has a weird shape since the hole in the middle is where my sink pipes go, so I had to think a good way to fit things in this drawer in order to maximize space.

Another option, if you have a "normal sized drawer" is to use drawer dividers.

You can find them almost in every store and the good thing about them, is that they can adapt to the size of your drawers.

Here is a good video that shows the use of them (no sound, sorry)

I just wanted you to see how they work and I think this videos shows it quite well.

In the lower drawer I have under my sink is where I keep all of my cleaning products and towels.

I decided to use two big plastic containers wide enough so I could fit two of them and all of my cleaning supplies fit properly.

The reason of using two separate bins is to organize the "products" themselves. What I mean is that, in order to find what you are looking for in a specific moment, you'll be able to find it organized in a way that you can see everything at a glance, so nothing is out of you sight and you miss it.

This way you can use all of what you have.

I separate my cleaning towels in one of the bins and the other one I use it to store my cleaning supplies such as counter top spray, dish soap, etc.

Great Bins to store all kinds of things

I hope you liked this hub and has given you some ideas on how to organize your spaces if you find it a bit overwhelming.

You see? There is no need to spend a lot of money in organizing! :-)

Let me know in the comments below if you organize your space and you care to share! I'd love to know and get some inspiration myself! :-D

Thank you for reading! Have a good one!



The Organized Home Cook


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