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Turn Your Bedroom into a Work of Art

Updated on December 18, 2016

When it comes to bedroom decoration different people have different interests. Some, want to enhance the romantic atmosphere and thus transform the room into a love nest. Others, want to create a shrine of rest and relaxation by minimizing influx of natural light in the morning, emphasizing on convenience and minimizing influx of outside noise. However, there are also those who see their bedroom as a canvas on which a genuine work of art should be painted. Seeing how this is something you don’t get to see very often in guides of this kind, here are few tips that may be helpful in such scenario.

Focus on the Walls

If you intend to start with a piece of art, one of your first concerns should be the background. However, your walls are more than just that. In fact, if you intend to go with the artsy setting in your bedroom, you can turn them into your main visual element. For example, one of your first ideas may be to recreate one of Banksy’s most famous pieces like, the Balloon Girl, Umbrella Girl or The Son of a Migrant from Syria. Still, your work doesn’t end here since this indoors-graffiti is supposed to serve as a focal point for your later arrangement.

By going in this direction, you will face one major difficulty. Namely, recreating this (at least faithfully enough) is extremely difficult. After all, Banksy is not considered to be a genius of contemporary art for nothing. Because of this, you will have two options available. First, you can hire someone to do the artwork for you or second you can try your own hand in this. Nothing is impossible, but be prepared to rectify any accidental mistake you may make. This means getting your supply of heavy duty paint stripper before you even start working with the brush. Even if you don’t use it once, this will at least stop you from worrying too much about mistakes.

DIY Furniture

The most important feature of an artsy bedroom is a fact that its elements are completely unique. Now, some settle for unique combinations, which aren’t that hard to make, but in order to take this one step further, each piece needs to become a story of its own. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely you will find absolutely everything you are looking for in a store or even through online auctions. This leaves you with only one option- making your own furniture. For those who love working with their hands this is a reward on its own. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged since these projects don’t have to be anything major. Sometimes it takes nothing more than coating or painting on your nightstand in order for it to match the rest of the décor.

Wrapping Up with Light

Finally, wall-painting and wallpapers aren’t the only ways in which you can twist the visuals of the room. Another daring option would be to turn the contrast of light versus dark into your greatest ally and get creative with shadows. With an interesting design of shadow chandelier you can use this simple branch shaped design to create a forest atmosphere inside of your room. According to people who tried this on their own, having this accessory in their room often felt like living inside of a Tim Burton movie.


While some may fear that going with artsy look doesn’t leave you with much to work with, the truth is completely opposite. Seeing how the notion of art itself is quite subjective, you simply cannot go wrong on this one. All you need to do is release your inner artist and find the best way to completely personalize your bedroom. The world is your oyster!


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