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Types of Home Wood Siding

Updated on April 7, 2017
Wood siding.
Wood siding.


Beautiful as it is and as lovely as nature, that is wood siding. It is an external cover of the house walls that protects home against external elements and from nature’s damage. It shows natural beauty and has long been favorite by homeowners. It is considered as one of the oldest styles but still everyone’s love because it has the quality, durability and versatility.

Some other siding mimics the style of wood because it is really classy. And if you are looking for a good one, you might want to forget the imitations and choose the original thing. You have a lot of options when it comes to color and style that will add an allure to your home. Check the most common types of wood siding.

Cedar Siding

This type is actually known for being rot resistant. It has the smooth appearance and has grains too. This has more moisture than other types, which is why it is more pest-resistant. It is considered as one of the homeowner’s favorite because of its rich character.

Red Wood Siding

Looking for a type of wood siding that will work well in all climates? Then this one works best. This resists shrinking and it actually holds its profile that is why it retains its color and shape.

Clapboards Siding

The best way you can give your house an historical look. This type is installed horizontally; the boards are overlapping the other that gives the rustic appeal like old houses.

Bevel Siding

Like clapboard, this is also installed horizontally. Both sides of the wood have different thickness. One of its qualities is the ability to shred water that help preserves its beauty for a long period of time.

Shingles Siding

It offers a textured and aesthetic look to the exterior side of your home. Installed vertically and it overlaps with each other. It is also flexible as you can cut this wood into different shapes to form patterns and new designs.

Drop Siding

Popularly referred to as drop or novelty, it has separate parts that are joined together horizontally by way of shiplapping that has various finishes like German lap and log.


Wood siding offers a wide range and different home ideas. But be wary as well because there will be specific maintenance processes needed over a period of time. Some of these types are also available with fire-retardant treatment, which means their burning characteristics are reduced. Many homeowners opt using wood siding, as it is gives classy and warm appeal to their houses.

Homeowners can hire professionals for installation or if they are artistic enough, they can install it by their own. For better results of the siding installation though, they can also check the siding contractor in Brownstown, Michigan. They can ask the contractor regarding the availability of the wood siding in their region too. Remember that a well maintained siding will last many, many years. With wood siding, homeowners will always have a choice.


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