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Ultimate "how to" Guide for Buying Cigar Humidors

Updated on October 30, 2012

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons that people who are interested in cigars don’t take up the habit is because they are overwhelmed by the process of becoming a cigar smoker? It’s true. Not only do you have to determine which types of cigars you want to smoke; you also have to learn about buying and using cigar humidors. If you’ve always kind of liked the idea of being a cigar smoker then this is your guide to buying the right cigar humidor for your new needs.

Types of Cigar Humidors

The most important thing that you should know when you are choosing a cigar humidor is that there are three main types of humidors to select from:

1.     Table humidors. These types of humidors look a lot like the traditional end table of coffee table that you probably already have in your home. They fit in nicely with the rest of your décor, don’t take up too much space and yet hold a large number of cigars adequately. They typically hold somewhere around 500 cigars.

2.     Travel humidors. These are small humidors that only hold a few cigars at a time (generally less than 50). You may want to try one of these if you are buying a humidor for the first time and aren’t completely sure that cigar smoking is really for you. Alternatively, you may want to buy one of these in addition to a table humidor so that you can take your cigars with you when you travel (hence the name).

3.     Room-sized Humidors. This is actually a large room in your home that has been set aside and adapted for the express purpose of holding all of your cigars. Most people, especially people who are new to buying humidors, are not going to be interested in something this elaborate. Room-sized humidors often have a number of table humidors or travel humidors inside of them.

Design of Cigar Humidors

The most important design aspect of any type of cigar humidor is the type of wood that it is made out of. Most people choose classic cigar humidor designs which are made from a dark wood that has a red tone. There are other woods and even other materials that can be used to make cigar humidors but if you want the most common type of cigar humidor then stick to this classic design.

Beyond that, choose the style (ornate details, shape, etc.) that appeals most to you aesthetically. There is no right or wrong here; it just depends on what you like best. Note, however, that the more ornate designs with rounded edges tend to be favored by female cigar smokers while the squared-off simpler designs are frequently chosen by men. Some people like to choose cigar humidors that have glass tops so that you can see the cigars sitting inside of them.

Note that there are also some design options when it comes to the inside of the cigar humidor. For example, there are different types of lining for the inside of the humidor. The most common humidors are lined with cedar wood and then covered over on the bottom with felt. However there are other options as well so just look around to see what you like.

What Will A Cigar Humidor Cost?

How much you spend on a cigar humidor really depends on what you are looking for. There are ornate, brand-name items that will obviously be pricier than simple humidors are. Expect to spend somewhere between $20 and $50 on your first travel-sized humidor. If you are getting a table humidor then plan to spend anywhere from $150 - $500 on a high-quality, good-looking piece of this furniture. Room-sized humidors are very personalized so cost depends on what you have done to create this room.

Maintaining your Cigar Humidor

Buying your humidor is only the first step. You also need to learn how to maintain it properly. This makes certain that it serves the purpose of keeping your cigars as fresh as possible. This guarantees that you get the best experience from smoking your cigars because the taste is best when the cigars are kept fresh.

Things to know about maintaining your cigar humidor include:

·      Humidity matters most. You need to make sure that the humidity inside of your cigar humidor is always between seventy and seventy five percent. This is checked using a hygrometer which is a tool that measures humidity. Almost any humidor that you purchase will come with one of these built in but if yours doesn’t then be sure to purchase one separately.

·      Seasoning your cigar humidor. To improve the humidity if it’s not correct you will need to season your humidor. Follow these steps to season your cigar humidor:

o   Take a dry cloth and completely wipe out the inside of the humidor.

o   Take a small dish that fits inside the humidor. Fill it with distilled water.

o   Place the dish inside the humidor and leave it inside of the closed humidor.

o   Check the evaporation level of the water twice daily. When there is no more evaporation you can use your hygrometer to check if the humidity is correct. It should be. If it isn’t, repeat this process until it is.

·      Keep the exterior of your cigar humidor maintained as well. Keep it free from dust. Use appropriate wood polishers to make sure that the look of your humidor remains stellar. Always use only a dry cloth to clean your humidor, though, or else your risk affecting the humidity of it again.


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  • TycoonSam profile image

    TycoonSam 5 years ago from Washington, MI

    Very good Hub. I remember when I bought my first humidor, then my second. Now I have three. Wish I would have read this hub when I was looking.

    Thanks. Voted up and useful.

  • profile image

    Glass Top Humidor 7 years ago

    Surely for a cigar enthusiast humidor is a must have item. Not just any odd one. True connoisseur will not hesitate to spend a ton of money on a quality humidor. And they claim the difference in outcome is staggering and can be tasted especially in the cigars that have been kept for many years. Everything is important, the wood, the humidifier, glass top or no glass, temperature. Often the design is a secondary thing, but as you can see from Kathryn's hub, the number of different types shows how important a cigar humidor is. All Best!

  • ManoNera profile image

    ManoNera 7 years ago from DK

    You should stop smoking:-) Any way i am not smoker but you descripe these cigars like it is candy that i wanna eat.