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How to buy a faucet

Updated on December 22, 2008

How hot is that?

Choosing the right faucet may be challenging

I was not much aware of faucets until I purchased my new home and the new kitchen sink needed replaced. One thing I knew for sure, is that I had to study particulars very carefully. For some reason, I never had really good experiences with sinks. From faucets that worked almost as shower heads, bathing me every time I had to wash the dishes, to sinks that were not deep enough to even place more than a couple of pots and pans.

I also had my fair share of unightly scratches on faucets. Some with finishes so delicate to get scratched simply by using a scoring pad. A PVD (physical vapor deposition) was something I was looking into because they generally are scratch resistant but have a higher price tag.

For very shiny faucets choose stainless steel or chrome.A high spout was a must for me because I like to have enough room to fill a cup or a pan. No more banging pots and pans everytime I had to boil some pasta or boil some potatoes. So a highly arched neck was a must for me.

A pull out faucet is very helpful as well, if you need to fill pots with very high edges this is the way to go.

For bathroom faucets you often have the option of choosing a one handle or two handled faucet. It all depends on personal taste, I personally, like one handle as it is easier to open the faucet should you have dirty hands.

After my friend's 5 year old son got burnt after using extremely hot water she invested in a temperature controlled faucet. I found this very fascinating as this faucet actually has a special light that turns water blue like when cold and red like when warm once the temperature reaches 89 F.

Of course her son know loves washing his hands and seeing the water change colors! I actually slept over my friend's home one night and I was delightly surprised to learn the faucet also worked as a night light!

 Of course I am savvy now when it comes to buying faucets. If you are in doubt ask for help . They may be able to help  you figure out which faucet better meets your needs!


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