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Unwind by Cleaning House

Updated on November 3, 2015

Although it is a necessary part of our existence, many of us look at cleaning any part of our house as being a chore, a task, an event that is going to eat up time that could be otherwise spent with our families –or even better, relaxing before the dim glow of our television. Let's face it, unless you are a self-professed neat freak, you could probably think of 100 other things that you would rather be doing instead of cleaning a toilet.

However, much like a low-impact workout at the gym or stroll in the park on a mild autumn day, cleaning house can be a great way to unwind in the face of being restless or wrestling with a problem.

This article will examine four aspects of how cleaning house just might help you to unwind!

Gain Control by Doing the Dishes

Cleaning house can establish control. If you’re feeling like something in your life is not quite within your boundaries of control, cleaning house is a great way to reign in one corner of your life. Whether it’s doing the dishes or washing and folding the laundry, cleaning house can make you feel as though you were able to get your arms around a couple of things that might have been out of control. You may find that gaining control by completing one chore will lead you to another area of your home to gain the upper hand in yet another area within your grasp.


Free Your Mind by Wielding a Mop or Vacuum

Cleaning house can be physically freeing. Got a bit of pent up frustration? Get out the vacuum cleaner. No—not the robot that does the work for you, but the Shark or Dust Devil vacuum that makes a ton of noise and sucks up every microscopic fiber of dust. After a few minutes of shoving furniture around and sucking up that piece of popcorn that’s been laying behind the sofa for more than a week, you will feel a sense of physical satisfaction that can sometimes only be achieved by way of a workout in the gym.

Are you one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have any carpet concerns? Break out the mop and get going. By the time you finish the exhausting task of mopping your floor, you should feel as though you just worked out at the gym –or at least experienced a modest warm-up.

Find Therapy in Your Chores

Cleaning house can be therapeutic. Cleaning house can be therapeutic and mentally refreshing. That’s right! I already mentioned that cleaning house can be therapeutic but consider this, if you are one who tends to get occupied or even suffers the fate of overthinking through a problem or issue at hand, by the time you finish multiple tasks associated with cleaning your home or restoring a bit of order, you will more than likely will have rid yourself of the worry at hand, arrived at a tentative solution or you just well may have a multitude of solutions at your fingertips to choose from as you proceed to the next step. Either way, your house will be clean and ideally, you will be a bit further in your problem-solving/resolution process.


Create a New Beginning

Cleaning house can create new beginnings. One of the tasks or activities that I find which helps me to unwind most is to clean out a closet. How often? Clearly, this is not an everyday task but is one that can have the greatest impact. Once or twice per year is typically adequate. This author finds that cleaning out closets can be symbolic of making a fresh start and fresh starts can create a renewed feeling of relief and relaxation. If you have not cleaned out your closet in the last year, consider doing so the next time you feel restless or simply need to unwind. Not only will you feel a sense of release but also, it’s a great opportunity and way to donate those items you no longer need to those who could benefit most.

These are just a few ways and reasons cleaning house can help you to unwind.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      It's true, we can think of other things to do before getting to the house cleaning, but having this perspective on the benefits of the tasks could surely help motivate people to get going! I find that these are great reasons to do the housework even when excuses tap at the door.