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Use an EkoBrew instead of K-Cups to save money with a Keurig and make good coffee

Updated on May 6, 2012
My EkoBrew with some of my favorite coffee
My EkoBrew with some of my favorite coffee

Keurig convenience

Keurig coffee machines have become so popular because of their convenience and ease of use. They are very simple to operate. The coffee that is used in these machines are packed in what are called "K-Cups". These packages contain a sealed, pre-measured amount of coffee, along with the filter. The Keurig heats the water up fairly quick and you simply insert the K-Cup and press the brew button to make a cup of coffee. Once complete, you remove the used K-Cup and throw it away. You don't have to remove a filter and dispose of the grounds or clean up a coffee pot. This is what makes the Keurig such an attractive option for coffee drinkers. However, there are some downsides to using a Keurig as well.

K-Cups are expensive

It is common to spend around $.60 -.80 on a cup of coffee using a Keurig machine. You may be able to buy K-Cups in bulk to greatly reduce the cost per cup. However, it will still likely be much more expensive than a traditional coffee machine. To get the same number of cups of coffee from K-Cups as a pound of coffee, the difference in price is staggering. Considering you can typically get about 40 cups of coffee from a pound of coffee, that could cost somewhere around $32 or even much higher depending on the K-Cups used. Compare that to a pound of Starbucks coffee, at around $12.95 a pound, and you can see how expensive K-Cups really are.

K-Cups are wasteful

When I began using my Keurig I couldn't help but feel a little guilty about how wasteful K-Cups are. The sacrifice for convenience means excess packaging (as opposed to a bag of coffee) because each single serving of coffee is packaged in a small plastic cup with a filter and foil top. After use, the K-Cup is discarded. And to make matters worse, K-Cups are currently not recyclable. The environmental footprint of using a Keurig machine is much greater than a standard coffee machine. Not only that, but if you use your coffee grinds for gardening or compost, it is not nearly as easy to do with a Keurig. So, not only does each individual used K-Cup end up in a landfill rather than being recycled, using the used coffee inside of them for gardening takes a little effort and is not as convenient as traditional coffee machines.

Limited selection and variety

The number of K-Cups available for purchase has greatly increased and there is a decent variety of quality coffees available. However, if you have a favorite coffee that isn't available in K-Cups, an EkoBrew is a good choice to brew your favorite coffee in single servings. With so many amazing coffees that can be purchased by the bag, this is a great solution for enjoying your favorite cup. Before I was using an EkoBrew, I enjoyed the convenience of K-Cups but was disappointed that I was missing out on drinking some of the coffees that I enjoyed most. Now, I keep my favorites on hand and can make a single serving of them that tastes great. The versatility of brewing anything I want in my Keurig is awesome.

Why use the EkoBrew as opposed to other similar products?

I tried three other similar products before I discovered the EkoBrew. Each other product had significant flaws. The EkoBrew is just designed and built better than the others. The coffee came out far too watery for my tastes with the other products. The water went through the other cups way too fast and the result was a weak and watery cup of coffee. Also, some of the other products did a horrible job at filtering grinds and the coffee would end up with a lot of grounds in it. The EkoBrew is larger than the others, so it holds a bit more coffee for a stronger cup. It has a flat bottom that makes filling it much easier than some of the competitor products. You don't really think about that much until you try to fill it and realize (with some of the other products) that you have to hold it while you fill it. Overall, I've found this product to be superior to the others and it makes a nice cup of coffee.


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