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How Your Life Is Better From Using Electronic Devices.

Updated on June 6, 2012

If you have a look around the average home you'll see a multitude of electronic gadgets, a house is commonly full of dvd players, stereos, microwaves, coffee machines, iPods, iPads, iPhone any itype device basically, digital cameras, digital camcorders, childrens electronic toys, gaming machines like PS3, xbox or a wii, PC's, laptops, all of these amazing devices are in our life for one reason.. to make it better!

Let's face it, why else do we fill our lives with so much electronic stuff, they are designed, produced and manufactured for the prime reason of making our lives more productive and more fun. These devices are life changing, they allow us to do our work efficiently and quickly, so we're able to put our feet up and play with other entertaining electronic devices, or because we have so much fun using them to work with we do more work, it's a win win situation for everyone.

Also I believe that electronic devices increase your knowledge and intelligence, with a computer and the internet you can pretty much learn anything you want and about any subject you want. Estimates on internet access throughout the world is that approximately 25% of the world’s population has access to the internet, this number seems low, but is on the increase as developing countries put in infrastructure throughout their country giving cheap internet access to the masses.

However for North America the access rate is 73%, so through computers and the world wide web, access to knowledge has become very easy. All this easy access leads to a free flow of information and ideas, which in turn leads to new developments in technology and the creation of new and better electronic devices all to make your life even better and easier which is back to the reason why we have and use so many different electronic devices in our lives.

Just think back if you're old enough to 20-30 years ago, electronic devices weren't that much fun, we thought they were at the time, because there weren't so many around, but we soon lost interest, nowadays we can be entertained for days and days just with one device and the happiness we feel while using the device or the eagerness of when we're going to use it again during a period of doing something else like sleeping.

The best is still yet to come as advances are made in technology, just think, if our lives are as good as they are now with the electronics we have to make them better, just imagine of how amazing they're going to be in the future, heaven will be a place on earth!

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