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Vari-focal Camera – An Enhancement in Home Security

Updated on October 26, 2014

A vari-focal camera is a new advancement in the field of home security. It is different than the usual fixed lens camera in that, it can be operated at varying focal distances, while a fixed lens camera can be operated at only a single distance. Vari-focal cameras are ideal for those who are not sure about the distance and angles they want to keep an eye on.

micro varifocal camera
micro varifocal camera


The lengths offered by a vari-focal camera range from 2.5 mm to 10 mm which is much more than that offered by fixed lens cameras. The feature of vari-focal cameras is somewhat similar to the zoom feature of a camera; however the later is to be adjusted manually. Homeowners can choose a setting of high millimeter for a narrow viewing span or a setting of low millimeter for a broad viewing span.

The vari-focal camera is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. You have a wide choice to choose from. Even a type of vari-focal camera can do daytime as well as nighttime recording and has a capacity to record a viewing area of up to 98 feet from its location.

Regarding the styles too, you get a wide choice in vari-focal cameras, like dome cameras and bullet cameras. Even you get vandal-proof or tamper-proof cameras. You may also get other features like infrared technology, motion detection and weather-proof operation. An auto-iris technology in a vari-focal camera offers a lens to accommodate multiple lighting conditions for clearer and better focused viewing.


While using a surveillance camera it is important to consider two things, viz. the extent to be viewed and clarity and focus of the view. With a vari-focal camera you can adjust setting so as to come to the best one suited for the field to be watched with optimum clarity and focus. Another benefit of the camera is that, the homeowner can anytime relocate it or can adjust its focus for any reason.

Learning Basics

It is good to learn some basics about the vari-focal camera if you are going to install it in your house. E.g. you can do an easy internet search to find out a tool which helps you to set the camera properly for a desired extent of view. You can enter the area’s height, breadth and distance in the tool and it will tell you the best positioning of your camera and also the focal length required to get these viewpoints.

Also it is helpful to understand how a lens is concerned with the field of view. This knowledge is helpful for you while you install the new camera. Example for this is, a smaller lens produces a broader field of view but the images caught are smaller, while a wide lens will offer a smaller field of view, but images will be enlarged. Thus when a compact area like a doorway, mailbox or a window is to be monitored, a wider lens is useful, while for monitoring entire backyard or front area, a small lens is preferable.

Vari-focal cameras give a new dimension to the security of your home or business. It can be used with other tools for home security and enhances the safety system, to make you stress-free about the safety of your home. .

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