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Victory Gardening

Updated on July 30, 2016

Victory Home Gardening

After the depression and during WWII citizens were encourage to home garden for their food. Personally, I have always enjoyed home garden and have a special interest in agronomy since I live in an area frequently savaged by hurricanes. It is not nearly as difficult as you think and it provides healthy low cost food to your family. And there is help out there to get you started.

Victory Gardens

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Word of Victory Gardens

I have had Gardens at my home for the majority of my life. We have grown everything but when your garden is full you often run into problems with rabbits. I can't tell you how many crops have been eaten by rabbits. But that was okay. I just caught the rabbit and made rabbit stew. I was going to get my supper out of the garden one way or another.

Sadly with the homeless population so high my gardens have attracted more than rabbits and unlike the rabbits, I don't eat the homeless. It got to the point my home was targeted by both migrant populations and homeless people and it became unsafe. I would have gladly shared my vegetables with the neighborhood but it was unsafe with vagrants trespassing on my property. Unlike WWII, the homeland is less than secure.

Be that as it may, I would still recommend you try victory gardening. I was lucky enough to have on the table for over a decade. Green Beans are so much better grown in your own yard. Basil is better. Actually everything is better when you grow it fresh yourselves. Just make certain no one finds out you have the gardens. If the word gets out you will have more than rabbits to deal with but with that in mind it took a decade to shut my gardens down and it was only because it became unsafe with trespassers. I would still recommend you get the enjoyment, exercise and the wonderful lost cost vegetables on your table from victory gardening.

The Spring Solstice

The Spring Solstice will return in March. You can plant all of your seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, squash, green bean, tomatoes and watermelon. There is nothing more exciting them planting your own gardens and watching them grow. They become apart of you and you them. I also grow avocados, pineapple, mangoes and corn. It cuts down on your cost of food. Your produce is much fresher coming directly form your own gardens. It is great exercise and it makes you feel good in general. But start now and plan your garden so you can Plant defensively. And when your work comes to fruition it is a very fulfilling experience.


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