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Vintage Dining Table and Chairs: Vintage Décor Tips: Vintage Dining Room Sets

Updated on January 23, 2018

These days, anything vintage inspired is very cool. But the truth is, vintage style is enduring and never really goes out of fashion, as long as you set it up right. There's little that can improve the look and cool factor of your eating area more than a vintage dining table and chairs. These retro pieces are solid, well made, and will show off your personal style, sophistication and flair.

This article will offer some design inspiration, tips and information regarding vintage dining room sets and how to use them in your home. We'll talk about a few iconic looks that might work for you, plus we'll discuss the ways to best pull off the placement of retro dining room sets in your space.

Let's get started and look at some cool vintage dining tables and chairs!

Popular Styles Vintage Dining Table and Chairs

There are a few enduring, popular styles of vintage dining tables and chairs that work well for almost any style of interior decorating. Take a look through the suggestions and see if any of them might work for your home!

Danish Modern Vintage Dining Table and Chairs:

I'm a little partial to the Danish modern vintage dining table and chairs because I have one in my own home! The beautiful, sculpted lines of the wood of these pieces seem to flow from one element to the next, while still including an organic feel mixed with hard lines. The effect is very minimalist, stylish, and even evokes a 'modern' feel despite being fully vintage.

A Danish modern vintage dining room set doesn't come cheap, as they are pretty sought after nowadays. However, they are typically made from oak or teak wood and they're extremely durable and high quality, so they're worth the price tag.

Victorian Vintage Dining Table and Chairs:

There are few better ways to make a statement in your home than using Victorian vintage dining rooms sets. They are chunky, heavy pieces of furniture, but they are sculpted and intricate and beautifully designed in such a way that they seem light, classy and ornate. Typically constructed of darker wood, expect cabriolet legs and heavy proportions.

The idea isn't to be low profile, if you have a vintage dining room table like this it should be the centerpiece of the room. Give it plenty of space and consider constructing the room design around the piece, not the other way around. Victorian vintage dining tables and chairs are pricey and rare, but they'll (at the very least) retain their value and last forever!

Where To Find and Buy: Vintage Dining Room Table and Chairs

If you're looking to buy a vintage dining room table and chairs, there are a few good places to start your search.

Antique / Vintage Furniture Stores: Vintage dining room sets are pretty easy to track down in antique or vintage furniture stores, although you'll pay a premium for the convenience. The nice thing about using a store like this it it's a one stop shop. You'll have a much higher likelihood of finding something you'll like. Plus the staff should be able to track down something to suit your tastes.

Classifieds / Craigslist: It can be a bit of a slog, but you can track down some amazing pieces using local classifieds, trolling yard sales, or checking out Craigslist (if it's a popular option in your area). Beautiful retro dining table and chair sets are bought and sold every day out there, sometimes for well below their actual value. Check it out!

Online: If you haven't heard of online vintage furniture warehouses, you should check them out! By far the best source of vintage dining tables and chairs is online. You can find hundreds of items on single sites. You can't see the items in person, which can be a detriment, but the selection can't be beat.

Reproductions: There are some beautiful vintage dining room sets available in reproduction form. Sometimes they are very well made indeed, with solid wood and quality craftsmanship. Check out available reproduction pieces, there are some great alternatives to the real deal online. They won't appreciate in value like an antique, but you'll probably enjoy using it more!

Good Luck!

French Country Vintage Dining Table and Chairs:

French country décor is very popular for a lot of reasons. It's attractive, functional, and works with almost any decorating style. The beautiful thing about a French country vintage dining room set is that you can 'create' it by reworking an old piece. A Victorian dining room table requiring refinishing is a prime candidate. The idea is to selectively sand down, distress and repaint different parts of the piece to achieve a sort of 'loved' look. The inclusion of white paint and naked wood allows this to work with most color schemes.

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