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Wall Mirrors Guide

Updated on March 15, 2011

Wall Mirrors

Stylish wall mirror placement.
Stylish wall mirror placement.

Introduction to Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, from the elegantly Divine, to the appealing modern design. Whichever style of wall mirror you are looking for, we will help you find the perfect wall mirror style at the cheapest cost in the wall mirror market. There are plenty of mirrors for sale, and we will find the best for you!

Choosing the wall mirror layout for you can be easy or hard, depending on what you are looking for. A simple wall mirror can be easily placed in nearly any location, however a modern mirror layout using multiple mirrors could take a lot of design time, as well as time spent putting them up correctly.

When buying wall mirrors always remember to buy the correct wall attachments to make sure they don't fall out of plaster wall construction. Let's face it, you don't want your brand new wall mirror to end up as a bunch of shards laying on your carpet.

The style of wall mirrors varies greatly from the plainest of the plain, to the decorative, all the way to the modern designer wall mirrors, with intriguing shapes and wall mirror designs.

All these wall mirror choices may seem overwhelming, but don't worry. I will show you examples of each type of wall mirror design, along with some great wall mirror offers to help you decorate your home with the perfect wall mirrors!

Simple Wall Mirrors

Simple and plain wall mirrors often bring a touch of classy simplicity to any room. Wall mirrors such as these provide a little extra depth to the room, without being overbearing or obnoxious. Many people choose to use plain wall mirrors and simple wall mirrors in guest bedrooms, closets, or even placed behind bookshelves to help give darker areas a little extra light.

Simple wall mirrors can look good, and they normally come pretty cheap when compared to more extravagant wall mirrors.

Simple wall mirrors come with or without frames, and wall mirrors with frames often have a simple wooden, metal or plastic frame which helps define the mirror from the rest of the wall.

Wooden Wall Mirrors

Wooden wall mirrors often incorporate all the same simplicity of a plain wall mirror, but bring with them a certain classy elegance which allows you to easily place a wooden wall mirror in a bedroom, living room or hallway.

In my opinion wooden wall mirrors are the best kind of wall mirror money can buy for the social areas of a house. They provide definition, without being overbearing.

Wooden wall mirrors are by far the most popular kind of wall mirror available, with plenty of options and styles available, from plain wooden wall mirrors to decorative wooden wall mirrors.

Choosing the right wooden wall mirror for you is not always easy, but you will always be safe in the knowledge that it will look good for years to come!

Designer Wall Mirrors

If you ever want something a little bit more unique than the average wall mirror, sometimes a designer wall mirror could be for you. Designer wall mirrors are generally made in limited quantities, and help to give your home the touch of style which really does make it your home.

Designer wall mirrors can come in all shapes and sizes, and can easily be combined with one another to give a personal touch to your home.

The problem is that many designer wall mirrors come with a designer price tag, fortuantely there are still plenty of good designer wall mirror deals out there for those who are willing to hunt for a bargain.

Glass Wall Mirrors

Glass Wall Mirrors are my all time favorite type of wall mirror for bathrooms and for outdoor wall mirrors.  Glass wall mirrors have surrounding glass patterns which add a real elegance to a wall mirror without reducing the durability in damp, or otherwise inappropriate conditions.

Glass wall mirrors always seem to look good in my view, and provide a beautiful wall mirror solution to any home or garden!

The problem with glass wall mirrors is that they are of course a little more fragile when it comes to hard knocks, so it is not a good idea to place a glass wall mirror where it could be easily knocked or broken!

Frameless Wall Mirrors

Sometimes all you want is a wall mirror, and fortunately you can get plenty of wall mirrors without frames in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a frame-less wall mirror then you will have to consider how it will be hung, as most have a slightly visible screw which is used to hold the frameless wall mirror in place with a hook on the back.

Frameless wall mirrors tend to be a little cheaper, and are great for places where the mirror will rarely be seen, or where you will put several frameless wall mirrors together to form an artistic pattern.

For those people more gifted with the use fo their hands, you can even make your own frame for a frameless mirror, or set the mirror in to a closet door.

Whether your mirrors are going on the wall or on the closet door, a frameless wall mirror can be a great cheap wall mirror purchase!

Asian Wall Mirrors and Japanese Wall MIrrors

Some homes prefer to have a little bit of the orient in their home, and there are plenty of Japanese wall mirrors and Asian wall mirrors which bring together an amazing blend of asian art work, and even bamboo mirror frames to give you the perfect home wall mirror.

Whether you prefer a more generic Asian wall mirror, or specifically like the Japanese wall mirror style, choosing the right wall mirror for your home is easy with the wide selection of Asian wall mirrors available online.

I personally love bamboo wood mirrors, which mix an old style with contemporary looks, as well as a hint of nature.  This great unique wall mirror mix is a great addition to any home!

Choosing the Right Wall Mirror

Choosing the right wall mirror can be a little difficult sometimes, but hopefully this simple guide will have  helped you out a little.  Finding the right wall mirror for your home is all about choosing a mirror style which compliments the style of your home. The best way to do this is to find a wall mirror which suits your own personal style.


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      senior ctr 6 years ago

      need to find plain unframed wall mirror 12"X5' or 12"X6'

      where can I find it? I need about 10 of them.