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Wall Decals for Bedrooms: Cheap and Easy Bedroom Makeovers

Updated on May 7, 2012

Using wall stickers for bedrooms is bar none the easiest, fastest and most rewarding way to add character to a bedroom. There are an enormous amount of decals to choose from as this form of wall art has become increasingly popular. Whether you're looking for over-sized decals to act as a mural, wall quote decals, wall decals for kids rooms or for your master bedroom, you will be pleased how readily they can transform an entire room inexpensively. Unlike paint or using stencils, they are easy on and easy off. If you have children, this can come in handy as they outgrow Winnie the Pooh and are ready for a more mature look. I've rounded up a variety of really cool collection from those appropriate for nurseries to those suitable for sophisticated master bedrooms.

Fun Ideas

Wall Stickers for Nursery

Back when my kids were babies, wall stickers weren't as popular or easy to find. I ended up spending ridiculous hours designing and painting my own stencils. I also added a wallpaper border to my daughter's room that I ended up regretting in fairly short order. Then, of course, I had a nightmare wallpaper removal job on my hands, coupled with a paint job to cover where the border had been. Since you're likely to change the look of your nursery when your child gets older (at least once, as in my case), using wall stickers for your nursery is a perfect solution. They are removable and leave no adhesive debris behind, and if you play your cards right when you take them off, you can re-use them!

The internet has the widest variety of all decals, so I'll give you a small sample of what's available. You can find them in regular brick and mortar shops, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, but you just won't have nearly the selection.

The first one is called the "Scroll Tree" and it's made by RoomMates. The parts are easy movable and repositionable, so you can even make the tree smaller if you'd like. You have carte blanche on how you'd like to decorate the tree, that is, where you want the birds, leaves and flowers. You will have fun decorating with this one... in fact, you might HOPE your child isn't old enough to help. Works well on textured wall, too.

The next one shown is also by RoomMates, it's called "Jungle Adventure". The pack comes with a total of 26 figures: alligators, lions, tigers, monkeys, an elephant, giraffes, a hippo and rhinos. You can make a border with them, use them just above the changing table for entertainment, or do a strategic scattering to make a jungle scene. Recommended for smooth walls or furniture.

Next is RoomMates "Transportation Decals" and couldn't be cuter for a little boy's room! The set comes with a total of 26 wall decals including the following: planes, trains, cars, trucks, taxi cabs, scooters, bus, tractors and helicopters. Comes printed on transparent paper, looks like a stencil without all the work. Recommended for use on smooth, light colored wall for best results.

For your princess or superhero, RoomMates also makes a Disney Princess set and a Marvel Heroes set.  The Disney Princess set has a total of 87 wall decals, 47 princesses and 40 gems.  There are a total of 25 wall decals in the Marvel Heroes set.  Both sets will easily apply to any smooth surface, so sprucing up furniture and beds can be part of the fun!

Ideas for Kids Rooms

Kids Rooms

Obviously, some of the nursery stickers would work well in an older kid's room as well. But, trust me, at some point they may very well scoff at the princesses and superheroes on their walls. I was horrified when mine were old enough to desire a say in the home décor!!! Anyway, there are tons of choices for kids rooms that will appeal to the older crowd. Let me share a few.

As you may have noticed, peace signs are "in" right now among girls. This set from RoomMates is double cool because it sparkles. That's right, it's glittery. The set includes 26 wall decals, peace signs and fun dots to add color. Great on furniture, mirrors, windows, and even accessories.

The second one down are peace sign wall decals made by Eye Candy Designs and they are glow-in-the-dark! I don't know about your kids, but anything that glows at night is a huge hit!

Of course, kids love their music... That's why I included the next one from Eyecatcher Gallery, called the "Easy Stick Four Piece Rockin Band" and the Custom Vinyl Shop's Band Set. Finally, you can buy Eye Candy's musical notes to add to the band decals, or even use them alone. The band set and the musical notes come in different colors, too.

Finally, the last few are sports decals for kids rooms. I tried to find some that are appropriate for boys and girls since both love sports, naturally. I must tell you the sports wall stickers are popular and sell out pretty darn quickly. Again, there are more of these on Amazon, but you may have to wait for some of them to be re-stocked! I like the colorful mini soccer balls decals by FunToSee. There are 36 in all and they're 3D, which is super cool. Again, you can scatter them randomly, make them into a border, or even put them on furniture and accessories. They also work really well as frames around window, mirrors or doors. Eye Candy makes some generic baseball and football decals in many, many different colors. It's a great way to begin your sports-themed kids bedroom. If you have a baseball fan, you can even get decals that highlight their favorite teams. I saved my bar-none favorite basketball wall decal by artanddecoration for last. It's the large mural with the basketball player making a slam dunk. This one comes in 32 different color choices to suit any bedroom color scheme.

RoomMates Wall Stickers for Nursery

This one by The Custom Vinyl Shop is new and very hot... so unfortunately, there are only 6 left in stock.
This one by The Custom Vinyl Shop is new and very hot... so unfortunately, there are only 6 left in stock.

Yes, they're cool in grown-up rooms, too!

Obviously, the type of bedroom wall sticker you will ultimately choose depends upon a few factors. One is the available wall space you have and how much of it you want to fill. You may only want to get one large mural-sized decal or perhaps you prefer a scattering of color spots. The good news is there are wall stickers for bedrooms available that are sure to please anyone. I love how non-committal they are, too. If for some reason they don't work, you're not stuck peeling off wallpaper or covering over your stenciling.

The following ideas are just a few choices from among thousands, so fret not if you don't see what you like. Bear in mind, you can always mix and match to find what you want... It's a great method for creating a scene.

Some come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you're getting the size you want. They might also come in a variety of colors, so pick carefully.

If your looking for wall quote decals, there are lots of additional wall stickers for bedrooms. Check them out!

My live laugh love wall décor hub is filled with even more ideas!


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  • upWORDS profile image

    upWORDS 7 years ago from Sunny Arizona

    Love this hub with the inspiring ideas! I used to sell Uppercase Living wall art, but today there are so many companies and stores offering them.... Now I'm in the mood to redecorate! :)

  • wordscribe43 profile image

    Elsie Nelson 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

    Ingenira, thanks for the comment. I almost wish my kids were younger so I could buy some of the nursery ones.

    Frogdropping, thanks for hopping by. My girls have some really cut stickers in their bedrooms and they look awesome. I love butterfly decals- there are lots of really cute ones, too. Good luck, have fun!

  • frogdropping profile image

    Andria 7 years ago

    Great hub WS - I'm about to get some wall stickers for a bedroom - my daughter's. She wants a feature wall and having just decorated it (and waited for the paint to dry) we can now go and buy some.

    She's after something inspired by nature, flowers butterflies etc. Thanks for the help/ideas :)

  • Ingenira profile image

    Ingenira 7 years ago

    These wall stickers are so beautiful ! I am so tempted to get a few of them !