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Warranties: What you didn't know about your mattress warranty

Updated on September 26, 2010

What you don't know - can cost you

There are so many different beds to choose from! Single, Double, Queen, King and then the styles! Platform, sleigh, four poster, canopy, water and with that even more choices!! The head can start spinning. I’m not here to tell you which bed to choose, just here to help you out once you have made your choice.

Several years ago it was time for a new bed, we had saved to buy it. Quite frankly, buying a bed these days almost seems like you need to take on a second mortgage. Our backs were getting bent out of shape with the old bed we had. Not that it wasn’t a nice once in its day, but it had served its purpose and was time to be passed on to one of the kids. Ok darn it, I had been married 20 years and I wanted a new bed. One that wasn’t used when I got it.

Dreamy Dreams!

I had sort of had an idea of what kind I wanted, I had seen the commercials.  I wanted a pretty mattress, one with that fluffy pillow top that you could just sink down deep into and I wanted it to be King size.  For now a store bought metal frame would have to do.  My husband was going to build me the bed frame of my dreams, once the mattress was purchased.

We hit the stores, shopping at this one then that, finally settling on the store that specialized in Mattresses.  I looked around, testing them all, yes they encourage you to lay down on them to get the feel.  I was torn between two beds, one with a big thick pillow top and the other a not so thick pillow top, what finally sold me was that the thicker pillow top I didn’t have to flip completely over.  The other one I did.  The warranty on these two were the same, 15 years on craftsmanship, materials and such.  There was no extended warranty offered, heck with a warranty like 15 years, who needed extra?

Accidents will happen!

I waited in anticipation for the delivery of my bed.   Everything was perfect in my room, all dust bunnies were chased away everything was clean and tidy.  They came in, my new bed was wrapped in a thick plastic, without saying a word to me the delivery guys tore off the plastic and set up my new bed.  I lovingly put new sheets on it, and covered it with a nice quilt.  I was in heaven, I couldn’t wait until bedtime!

Within a matter of a few days my husband and I began to notice that our backs were getting worse, not better.  I tried moving the mattress around like the diagram showed, one of us would feel better the other stiff.  I thought that maybe we had been so used to a bad mattress that it would take some time for our bodies to adjust to a good mattress.

Time passes and so does life, along with that being a female accidents will happen.  For those of you who needs a little more description, I got my period and of course it came in the middle of the night, when else would it right?  I cleaned it up as best as I could of course. 

We got a puppy, the puppy liked to sleep in bed with us, once or twice she had an accident in the middle of the night.  My husband spilled his soda on the bed.  As you can imagine, you can clean it up but not everything comes completely out.

Rules are rules

Within just 1 short year of our purchase my beautiful new bed began to unravel.  Beginning at one corner of the bed, the piping started coming off.  The thread was clear nylon so it wasn’t noticed as soon as it should have been to prevent serious damage.  Of course the puppy saw something dangling and had to pull. 

I had to do something quick!  I called my place of purchase to explain to them that indeed my bed was falling apart.  He looked up my name and saw that it had been just a short time since purchase.  He told me that he would have to come out and look at it, I agreed that yes, it did need looking at.  He asked me my address and when I told him, that it was at the very least 25 miles from the store, he then told me “I’m going to tell you something that I don’t normally tell customers”, Ok this wasn’t sounding good…..

He explained to me that there couldn’t be any stains on my bed, and asked if there were.  He said OSHA regulations prohibited them from working on such stains that could be considered biohazard.  Yikes!!  I told him that yes, there were a couple of small stains.  He recommended a specific product to remove the stains.  I was to remove the stains then give him a call back.  But I was warned that in cleaning the stain there would probably be a water stain left behind, I needed to make certain that was gone as well.  No stains were allowed to be on the mattress.

Get ta Scrubbin'!

Off to the store I went, made my purchases and came home.  I attempted to clean the stain, it was very stubborn.  I used several different products to clean these, nothing seemed to work.  I called my good friend, she came over to help, we spent a day of it, each time thinking we had a stain removed only to see a ’water’ stain left behind.  Before I abandoned all hope, we used my carpet cleaner on the bed, giving the entire mattress a good cleaning.  We were proud, it was clean, some of the stubborn spots the fabric had worn thin from scrubbing, but they were gone!

I called my repair person to pronounce I was finished!   It was clean.  He was still hesitant, “are you sure it’s clean?” he asked.  Well of course I replied, all stains are gone.  He wanted to know if any stains were still visible, none that I could see, was my reply.  He insisted that I know if once they uncovered my mattress and if any stains were found all repairs would be stopped, with my bed returned in that state.  He again repeated that “OSHA prohibits us from repairing a mattress that has biohazard stains”  He then said he would have to come pick up my mattress on a Thursday and keep it all weekend, returning it sometime on Tuesday.  Wow, what was I going to do for a bed during it’s absence?  I told him I would have to give him a call back when I could make better arrangements.

Do that Research!

I felt as though I was getting the run around, so I started doing some checking.  First I called several different Mattress companies to check out their policies, with the thought that maybe it was just the person I was dealing with.  Every single mattress company I called that produced fabric topped mattresses all had the same policy.  Even going so far as to tell me that even though there were no visible stains on top, once they removed the top, if there were stains on the materials below the surface, all repairs would stop.  The warranty would be void.  They didn’t have to repair the mattress or stand behind their warranty.  I was referred again to OSHA.

So I did some research and found OSHA’s number.  I called them, was directed to many different people, each time having to explain myself.  None of them had heard such a regulation.  I was finally directed to the biohazard department, and once again asked my question “Does OSHA prohibit the repairing of a mattress that has blood stains on it?”  I believe her name was Karen, she asked me to hold please while she looked it up.  When she returned she said ‘No’ there were no regulations regarding mattress repair.  I explained my purchase and it’s much needed repair.  She spent almost an hour on the phone with me going over all of OSHA’s regulations regarding this.  There were none.  She informed me that she recently purchased a mattress herself and would certainly take care not to get any stains on it, but certainly could understand how it could happen, being a female.

Mattress covers Save money!

I called my mattress store, and explained to my repairman what I had learned.  That there was no such rule with OSHA, no such regulation.  I wasn’t sure where he got his information, but it was incorrect.  He finally told me that it was company policy, that if there were stains, he didn’t have to work on the mattress.  I asked him then “Why did your delivery men take off the plastic that surrounded the mattress?”  “Why was I not informed of this when I made my purchase?” He had no answers for me, just that he couldn’t work on my mattress if there were stains.

So here I am with my expensive mattress that now is no longer new, and yet still under warranty, I have another 10 years to go on this.  But it doesn’t matter, nothing can be done, rather than cut off the pieces hanging I tuck them in with the hope that one day I will find a way to repair it myself. 

Do yourself a favor when purchasing a new mattress, learn from my mistakes.  Buy a very good mattress pad/cover, preferably rubber or plastic, use it faithfully.  Remember that most mattress companies will not make the needed repairs, will avoid at all costs their backing warranty.  So when they try to win you over with the ‘15 year warranty’ keep in mind that warranty is only as good as the people backing it.


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    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      That's a shame!! If you've cleaned it and it looks good it might be worth putting on craiglist. either sell it for a few dollars or give it away to someone in need.

      Congrats on your new purchase, and don't forget that mattress pad!!

    • profile image

      di 6 years ago

      of course same reason. Is it worth cleaning a really old mattress, and then they still don't take it? Seems ridiculous to me you spend so much on your new bed and they don't take it with them. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      di 6 years ago

      Hi Sweet. I just bought a new mattress set yesterday but they won't haul away old one

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      I finally used a solution of Oxyclean. BUT, I had to actually use my carpet cleaner to clean the entire top of the mattress. So there were no rings around where the stain had been. It was in the summer and I had some fans on it so it dried quicker.

      Best of Luck to you!!

    • profile image

      Heather 7 years ago

      What type of cleaner finally worked to get the stains out? I am in the same situation!

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thank you! You are my first commenter! You could always leave that thick heavy plastic on it they ship it with! LOL

      Thanls so much for reading and commenting!

    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Lovely article, quite humorous. Next time I buy a mattress, I will buy one which is unstainable.


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