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Washing Tips for Satin Sheets

Updated on February 19, 2013
Items made from satin.
Items made from satin. | Source

By Joan Whetzel

Satin sheets, like satin garments, require a little extra care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Satin sheets are usually made with silk, acetate, nylon or polyester. They feel great next to the skin, but they require care to keep them feeling nice.

What Is Satin?

Satin is often defined as a smooth fabric, usually made from woven silk or rayon, that has finish which is dull on the back side and shiny or glossy on the front surface, and a luxuriously soft feel to it. It was once made only from silk, but to make it more affordable, techniques were developed to manufacture satin from acetate, nylon and polyester and still get the same feel and look.

General Care Tips

There are a few tips for general care or maintenance of satin sheets that will keep satin sheets looking and feeling great between cleanings.

· Protect satin sheets (made from silk) from direct sunlight, which causes fading. Acetate and polyester satin will hold up better to the sun’s rays.

· Don’t expose satin sheets to massage oils which will permanently stain them, unless you are using nylon based satin sheets.

· Store satin sheets in airtight containers in dark, and cool location, for long-term storage.

· Air out stored satin sheets before using them again.

· Avoid placing satin sheets near radiators and heaters, which will breakdown the fibers. Avoid clothing or bedclothes with metal zippers or buttons, which will cause snagging.

· Don’t allow stains to sit on satin sheets, as the stains will likely become permanent.

· For stains, find a stain remover that is safe for satin sheets. (Read the label carefully.) Treat the stain quickly after it occurs to minimize the damage.

· Treat blood stains by immersing the blood stained area in cold water immediately, allowing the area to soak for a while. Hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the area if the cold water doesn’t work well. But once the blood stained is lightened considerably, rinse it with cold water.

· For delicate satin sheets, take them to a professional dry cleaners and have them treat the stains and clean the sheets.

Washing Satin Sheets

It’s generally advisable to take satin sheets to the dry cleaner when they need to be cleaned. However, unless they are extremely delicate, some satin sheets can be washed by hand or in a washing machine with a delicate cycle. Never dry satin sheets in the dryer because the heat will destroy the fibers.

· Acetate satin sheets should be taken to the dry cleaners, although they can be hand washed using Woolite and rinsed in cool water and gently squeezing the water out of them. Dry them flat or hang them on a cotton clothesline to dry.

· Nylon and Polyester satin sheets can be washed by hand or in the gentle cycle of the washer using Woolite. Gently squeeze them out and either dry flat on cotton towels or hang them on cotton clotheslines to dry. Don’t put polyester satin sheets in the dryer. Nylon satin sheets can go through the dryer as long as you use the lowest heat setting and the gentle cycle.

· Silk satin sheets, like the acetate, work better with dry cleaning, but can handle hand washing with Woolite and rinsing in cool water. Gently squeeze the water out of them. Dry flat inside on cotton towels, or hang on a cotton clothesline at night, not during the daylight, as this fabric cannot handle the sunlight.

A word of warning: Do Not Use Bleach on Satin Sheets.


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Panties and Satin in the Wash


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