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Water Damage New Port Richey: A Halloween Horror Story

Updated on October 14, 2010

Based on a True Story

It was a cool and dreary evening in New Port Richey. The palm trees blew in the wind as the cypress trees stood frigid. Vultures huddled on the side of the road, picking at their prey and watched as the Johnson’s, returning from a vacation, drove down the street.

“Ooo, I just hate vultures!” Mrs. Johnson remarked as their black sedan drove by the creatures. Mr. Johnson agreed; his facial expression marked with disgust.

The sedan pulled down the street, making a right towards 999 Beechwood Avenue. Dusk set in quickly as the car pulled into the garage.

“The sun has set quickly this evening, has it not?” Mr. Johnson asked as he observed the horizon.

While getting out of the car, Mrs. Johnson looked over at him and smiled, “Nothing beats the sunset of Hawaii. What a marvelous time I had! We need to vacation more, darling!”

“Yes, it really was magical. But, at the same time, I am so happy to be home. I am looking forward to just relaxing in our living room and snuggling up on the sofa while we watch some television. That flight was long!” Mr. Johnson kissed his wife as he proceeded to open the door into the house. Just about to enter, Mr. Johnson stopped suddenly.

“What is it?” Mrs. Johnson asked in fear.

“Oh, nothing…I forgot to close the garage door.” He turned around and pressed the garage door button.

Mrs. Johnson entered the house through the kitchen, turning lights on as she walked. Everything was in order, everything looked fine. But suddenly, Mrs. Johnson felt a chill upon her. She stopped in her tracks.

“What is it?” Mr. Johnson asked.

“I…I don’t know. I just feel so cold…” She stood there, stopped….shivering.

“Well perhaps you are cold because the air has been running and it is 69 degrees in here!” Mr. Johnson stated as he stood at the thermostat. “For goodness sake! I’ll adjust that!” Mrs. Johnson was relieved. “Thank you dear. While you do that, I will go upstairs for a quick shower.”

“Sounds great, love. While you do that, I will go check to see if the game is on the television. See you in a bit.” Both Johnsons walked separate ways. As Mrs. Johnson disappeared down the hallway, Mr. Johnson took a right towards the living room. Mrs. Johnson reached her bedroom and just as she placed her luggage down, she heard Mr. Johnson scream!!!!

“Dear? DEAR????” She cried, running down the stairs, “What happened? Are you all right?” Mrs. Johnson kept running and ran towards the living room where she had heard the scream. And then, she stopped in her tracks.

“Oh….my….” Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Johnson jaws dropped as they looked on in horror….the main wall of their living room was completely ruined by water damage!

“What happened? What is this?” screamed Mrs. Johnson.

“I…I don’t know! The wall is ruined!” Mr. Johnson yelled. Both Johnsons moved closer to the wall as they realized that all of their photos that were on the table leaning up against the wall had been ruined.

“My photos!” Mrs. Johnson began to cry. Everything was ruined: the wall, the photos and even the hardwood flooring below the table against the wall was warped from the water damage. Mrs. Johnson looked up at Mr. Johnson as she continued to cry, “What do we do now?” He took her in his arms and held her, “I don’t know dear. I don’t know.”

The next day dawned and the Johnsons awoke from their nightmare from the night before. What they didn’t know was their nightmare was only beginning. They came to find out that the roofers who had put on a new roof while the Johnsons were away did not complete the roof. Not only did they not complete it, but they did not cover the incomplete area with tarp! So, when there was a series of storms while the Johnsons were away, the water flooded into their house and completely damaged their main wall in their living room, along with their floor and precious belongings. What was even worse was the mold damage that had set in. This truly had become a water damage New Port Richey horror story!

Fortunately for the Johnsons, there was one company that was available 24/7. Having heard from a friend that this water damage restoration and mold remediation company did excellent work, the Johnsons quickly called 1-800-DRY-ME-OUT and within what seemed like minutes, an Advanced Restoration team was on site to begin the restoration process. The roofing company was contacted to finish repairs and the insurance company was called to begin their process. Lucky for the Johnsons, Advanced Restoration was skilled at working hand in hand with insurance companies.

Once the restoration was complete, the Johnsons could not thank Advanced Restoration enough. “Thank you thank you thank you! You have saved our home!” Mrs. Johnson said with cheer.

“It is our absolute pleasure!” said Ted, an Advanced Restoration team member.

“Anytime you need us, just give us a call!” said Chad, another Advanced Restoration team member.

“We will. But before you go: a question. Is there anything you can do about those vultures hanging around the house?” Mr. Johnson asked.

Perplexed, Ted and Chad looked at each other and then back at Mr. Johnson.

“Did you say….vultures?” Chad asked, trembling.

“Yes, that is what I said. We have some lurking by and they’re just spooky!” Mr., Johnson replied.

“Oh boy, look at the time!” Ted pretended to look at his watch. “Chad, we need to get to our next job! NOW!” Ted ran to the Dry Me Out van.

“Yes, now. Must go. Okay, thank you. Good luck! I mean, good bye!” Chad called out as he too ran to the van. Within moments, the van sped off leaving dust behind it as Ted and Chad tore down the road.

“That was odd,” remarked Mrs. Johnson, “I wonder what he meant by ‘Good Luck’?”

“Probably nothing dear. They must be in a rush like they said, that’s all. Well, it’s getting dark out and I think there is a storm approaching. Let’s go in.” Mr. Johnson motioned that they both go in.

Then suddenly, as the Johnsons turned around, they were surprised to see that there was nothing wrong.

The End


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