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Water Filter Systems Review for Home and Business

Updated on December 1, 2012

Filter impurities, chemical and drug residue, and bacteria from your water.

Choosing a water filtration and softening system suitable for your needs, and a review of the Rainsoft system.

There are variable water filtration systems on the market to choose from. This can make it easier to find one that fits within your budget. By investing a little time into looking around to determine which one best suits your needs may prove more rewarding in the long run.

A few deciding factors to help choose a water filter and softening system:

  • The number of people who regularly use the water from the system.
  • Consider a price range that fits within your budget.
  • Decide which features you need or want and which ones you would seldom use.
  • Select a few and check their reviews.
  • Check on the reputation of the manufacturer and distributorship.

Rainsoft water purifying and softening system has been in business for decades. They have a mix of both satisfied and non-satisfied customers.

Their systems are purchased from Aquion, located in the state of Illinois, by independent franchise holders who sell from local distributorships. The systems are manufactured from components made by other companies. Salespeople are trained to use high pressure sales tactics and some may even exaggerate fears about people's water.

Maintenance and Costs

Non-electrical parts are covered by warranty for the lifetime of the original owner. The water systems generally run $4,000 to $7,000, about a 50 to 60% mark-up value.

The softener resin needs replaced before 20 years of use, and the carbon needs replaced before that. A particular type of soap has to be used with the water filtering system. A package is included that intends to keep a family of four in soap for four years. Most dealers will supply another package for under $300 when it needs to be replaced.

Potential Problems with Rainsoft

Not all Rainsoft customers are dissatisfied, some are pleased with the product, the company they did business with and the service. The following are some reviews stated by customers who had complaints that illustrate potential problems with the water system.

The equipment may not function properly whenever water conditions change. The softening capacity can overload at times of increased water usage.

Their sales strategy is referred to as a hard sell:

A free gift is offered as the method to get homeowners to allow them in their home for the presentation.

The demonstration takes twice as long as people are led to believe it would.

Salespersons work for commission only and say many various things to get the sale.

The presentation has to be practically memorized, all of the salespeople say pretty much the same thing.

They'll bring the price down, and usually more than once to sell the item then and there.

They close at the time of the presentation.

The item gets installed as soon as possible before the customer changes their mind.

By getting it installed the very next day, very little time is given for the customer to think it through. Most states allow a cooling-off period of 72 hours after signing a contract at their residence. The FTC website has more about this rule.

After the high pressure sales and the rush job to install the water system, some salespeople try to impose feelings of guilt on customers who changed their minds. Playing on the emotions is another tactic to persuade potential buyers to continue with the purchase. For example, if their are children in the home; don't they want pure clean water for them that only the Rainsoft system is somehow able to provide.

Other Water Filter Systems

There are water filtration systems for under $1,000.

Two examples:

The aquasana costs about $150, installs under the counter and the filter is top quality. They offer a shower head that is sometimes on sale for $60.

Sears Home Filtration System for under $500.

Culligan water systems was founded in the 1930s. The price is generally below $3,000 and owners seem pleased with it, however, I haven't read reviews on the Culligan.

Filtered Contaminants

It is important to know how well the system actually filters out bacteria, sediments, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals. Also, whether or not healthy trace minerals remain in the water.

Costumer Complaints

Following are some examples of actual complaints customers have had after owning the Rainsoft Water System:

The performance wasn't anywhere close to what they were told they should be able to expect.

A build-up of bacteria and water stains developed in drains and toilets. Some had bacterial build-up they never had before.

Repeat calling without responses or repair calls made that didn't fix the problem.

An in-line filter said to last three months had clogged after one week reducing their water pressure.

The price to replace the salt for the softener was higher than they thought it should be.

One family had a well with soft water and had the water system installed to balance it. During a repair call, they and the technician took a sample from the well and a sample from the system. The well water was clear and the sample from the Rainsoft water system was dirty, however, the technician still insisted their system was functioning properly.

Closing The Sales Presentation

Some sales people are more anxious to make a sale than others. Because they make large commissions, some may tend to exaggerate the features of the water filtration system. The salesperson also might not be honest about what the details of the offer actually consist of. This alone is reason enough to ask for their business card and wait a day or two before deciding.

It is likely the salesperson will say various things to apply pressure on potential customers who appear interested. They already know if they want the sale, they have to use various angles of persuasion to close with a sale before leaving.

Buyer be aware that some in-home sales presentations, such as Rainsoft, involve the signing of a contract.

Change of Mind After Signing Contract

People who have changed their minds are usually offered a reduced price which may even go fairly low. The company, or salesperson, may still prefer to sell the system to not spend the time and effort to take it out and return the plumbing back to how it was.

Some may again feel compelled into buying a water filter system they don't particularly need nor want. A period of three days, probably business days not including weekends, is allowed by most states for consumers to opt out of a purchase that included signing a contractual agreement made in the home, or at the customers residence. The FTC website has more about this rule.

Is the Distributorship Reputable

The Rainsoft Water Softening System may be great for certain businesses and facilities. Also, apartment buildings, hotels, cleaning services, and larger homes. To assure that you will be receiving efficient service, first check that the dealership you purchase from has a reputable history.

resource: do you know about rainsoft


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