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Watering Garden

Updated on December 14, 2016

=> watering by hand: watering or hose;

=> sprinkler irrigation to water flowerbeds regularly and without fatigue, mass or lawn. Among the alternatives, there are:

- the oscillating sprinkler

- the rotary sprinkler,

- nozzles,

- micro-sprinklers, which is a variant water-efficient;

=> the micro-irrigation watering (irrigation or drip irrigation), which provides plants with a slow and precise addition of water, to the roots;

=> irrigation for agricultural land.

Automatic watering in the garden

An automatic watering system in the garden is nothing but a sprinkler system controlled by a programmer. Watering the garden is triggered automatically by the programmer in the days and hours desired for the programmed time, without human intervention.

=> the programmer can control a very simple installation (including balcony), or a complex underground system.

=> installation can operate at normal pressure (sprinkler irrigation using sprinklers) or low pressure (drip irrigation watering or micro-sprinkler).

Water supply

For these days, everything invites to save irrigation water. A coolant pump allows you to use the water of a pond or a catch rainwater. If you have a large garden, it might even be worthwhile to drill in order to have free water at will.

Installation of watering garden

Different sprinkler systems can be installed on the surface, without pipeline work. These are:

- sprinkler surface irrigation with timer,

- micro-sprinkler watering with timer,

- porous pipe with programmer,

- the drip-drop with programmer.

Before considering the installation of a sprinkler system, it is essential to check the flow and pressure of available water.


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