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Dried Lavender Sachets and Wreath

Updated on June 2, 2014
Lavender Sachet
Lavender Sachet

Ways to Use Lavender

You may well end up with an abundance of Lavender when the end of summer approaches. A bountiful harvest of Lavender poses the question of how to preserve it and put it to good use. The following offers some ideas on various ways to use Lavender.

Natural Remedy

Lavender is soothing and calming and is often combined with other sedative herbs to treat insomnia, nervous irritability, headache, migraine and as a mood lifter. It helps soothe indigestion, relieves excess gas and bloating and helps with some types of asthma.

Topical application may bring relief from a headache by rubbing a few drops of oil on the forehead and temples. May also be applied as a remedy in the treatment of scabies and head lice. For muscle tension, add five drops to a bath which also tones the nervous system.

Heating pad for aching muscles - Mix together in a medium bowl; white rice, flax seed and dried lavender flowers. Transfer into a long cotton tube sock and sew it closed leaving 1/4 inch between each row of stitches. Fold the cufff over the stitched end. Microwave for 2 and 1/2 minutes to warm it. Use as a heating pad for a sore neck or back.

Lavender in the Kitchen

Dried leaves, buds and flowers are used in seasonings for various meat and vegetable dishes in Europe. Diced fresh leaves and flowers can be added to dressings, salads, wines and vinegars. The flowers in deserts can enhance puddings, ice cream and berries. A refreshing tea is prepared by steeping either one teaspoon (5 ml) dried or three teaspoons (15 ml) fresh lavender flowers in a cup of boiling water in a covered pan.

Herbs de Provence is a French classic herbal blend that combines lavender blossoms with other fragrant herbs such as thyme, basil, savory and fennel. An extract is commercially used to flavor candies, chewing gum, puddings, and beverages.

Domestic - The floral spikes are added to flower arrangements and the fragrance from dried lavender spikes lasts for a number of years which makes them nice additions in potpourris and floral sachets.

Sachets of Lavender

Floral sachets are a wonderful way to lift spirits. Not only are they natural and free of chemicals, they are fairly easy to make. More elaborate sachets can be made depending on how creative you want to be.

Lavender in the form of sachets can serve many purposes:

  • added to bathwater as an aromatherapy (reusable)
  • repel moths and pests
  • as a drawer and closet freshener
  • in the clothes dryer to impart a fragrance
  • as a muscle relaxer
  • to help restore sleep when placed under the pillow
  • as wedding confetti with rice

Revitalize the scent by squeezing the bag to crush some of the buds that release a bit of essential oil. Lavender sachets may retain their fragrance for several years.

Muslin Sachet Bags

The average size for a sachet is 2.75" x 4". Muslin bags can be purchased in multiple sizes and in bulk. A bulk of fifty bags of this size costs around ten dollars. Ink stamps or embroidery can be used to personalize them. You may have a decorating idea, technique or personal signature to apply or may choose to leave them plain and attach a gift card. Fill with two tablespoons of blossoms and tie it closed with a knot or bow.

To exchange the twine with a ribbon, cut the twine and tie one end of the ribbon to it. Pull on the opposite end of the twine to feed the ribbon through and out the other side. Separate the twine from the ribbon and tie a knot in both ends of the ribbon to secure it in the bag as a drawstring.

Tulle Netting Sachets for Wedding or Favors

Tulle netting is offered in a variety of colors and is often used to enclose party favors and wedding rice. To make sachets, lay the netting out on a clean flat surface or table. By first folding the netting into layers, multiple sachets can be cut at one time. Cut circles or squares large enough to contain the items that will go inside. A jar, saucer, plate or cigar box can be used as a pattern to either cut around, or to draw around with a pencil.

Rectangles can be made into bags by folding in half to form a double layer. Fold the bottom corners in similar to wrapping a present and pin in place with a straight pin. If it appears the corners need to be stitched, sew them on the diagonal, then stitch down each side. Turn right side out and weave ribbon around the top to draw and tie closed.

Decorate or leave plain. If using glue, be sure it dries completely. Pile rice and dried lavender blossoms in the center of the cut netting, gather the edging up over the contents and tie with a ribbon leaving enough tulle above the tie closure to assure it stays closed. An embellishment can be attached on the outside by tying it into the knot before making the bow.

A Mixed Bag of Scents

For a variety of fragrances, mix lavender with other flowers, herbs and spices. As two tablespoons equal six teaspoons, measure the ratio according to your preference. Rose buds, lemon balm, ground orange peel, crushed mint leaves and flowers, geranium leaves and dried sage buds are a few that blend with Lavender for sachets.

Moth Repellent

An example for moth repellent is a mix of lavender, lemongrass and rosemary to pack with off-season clothes, place inside closets, and where ever moths are attracted to.

Lavender Wreath

Spray paint a styrofoam wreath with forest green Rust-oleum on both sides.
When dry, hot-glue store-bought moss evenly around to cover the ring completely. (Applying moss is optional.)
Attach Lavender on to the ring with floral wire. Twist the wire together in back and clip access with scissors or wire clippers.
Overlay bundles in a circular manner evenly around. Cut access stems that cause too much bulk, and overlap with extra stalks where needed adjusting until it looks balanced.

An abundance of Lavender can serve a multitude of purposes, both practical and decorative. Planting and growing Lavender brings simple pleasures to life and is known for lifting moods and calming spirits. There are many ways to bring Lavender indoors and include it in your environment.



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