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What Are Perennial Flowers? Perennials vs Annuals

Updated on February 9, 2018

Perennials Come Back Each Year

Perennial Flowers are flowers that return year after year. They can be divided every few years to not only encourage growth but to provide you with more of the same plant. Perennials can start as seeds or as bulbs.

They are typically hardy flowers that can be quite showy. They are easy to grow and require less care than annuals do. Most people new to gardening do not realize that there is a difference between annuals and perennials.

The Difference- Perennials vs Annuals

Annuals like the name indicates are good for about 1 growing season while perennials are good for many many more growing seasons. You can purchase fully grown perennials just like you can purchase fully grown annuals and transplant them into your garden.

Perennials are also more hardy than annuals. They require less attention than annuals and tend to flourish even in tough soil conditions. Annuals are a bit more fussy about soil conditions and watering schedules.

The Cost

Perennial flowers typically cost a bit more than annuals but when you consider the length of life that you get from perennials compared to annuals the cost difference is easily justified. After the first year the cost difference is recouped by the second and third year when you compare the cost to buying annuals every year, perennials actually pay for themselves.

Every couple of years you can divide most perennials (dividing perennials is the process of splitting the plant at the root system and using each division as a stand alone plant) which means you get that much more bang for your buck.

Purchasing perennials is the smarter budget option. You pay for them one time and get years of enjoyment AND more plants out of them.

Wide Variety of Flowers

There is a wide variety of different perennial flowers that can easily enhance any garden design. There are some very well known perennial flowers that range from vines to bushes like the Morning Glory, Honeysuckle and Azalea's.

Whatever flower taste you have there is a perennial flower to match it. You can choose from a full range of colors, height and density to enhance your garden. Check out this list of perennial flowers for a wide range of options.

Easy to Grow

Perennial flowers above all else are easy to grow flowers that are very rewarding to grow. They can literally last generations with the proper placement and care. Perennials flowers are the ideal flower for both the novice and the experienced gardener.


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