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What Are The Top LED Night Lights: 5 Reviews For You & Your Kids

Updated on October 12, 2014

LED Night Lights: Why They Are The Best For & Your Kids

Night lights are an essential item in the modern home. Whether intended for kids or adults, having a little extra light makes all the difference. These little lights work hard, and you want them to be there when you need them most - there are few things more frustrating than fumbling to the bathroom in the dark because the hallway night light has burnt out. That’s why LED night lights are a great choice; with minimal power use and a very long lifespan, LED night lights work, period. In this article I’ll review the five best options in LED night lights and explain why they are great for you, your kids, and your home.

Why Are LED Night Lights So Great Anyway?

LED stands for Light Emitted Diode, and they are the most efficient light on the market. Using very little power, an LED bulb will run for 100,000 hours or more - yes, you read that right. Besides their efficiency and long life, LED’s are easy on the environment, with no toxic chemicals to leach into the earth upon disposal. Overall, LED’s are an ideal source of light, and an obvious choice for a long-lasting, reliable night light.


Good All-Purpose LED Night Light: Maxxima Night Light Sensor

If what you want is a bright, no-frills night light, look no further. The Maxxima Night Light Sensor is the perfect all-purpose LED night light, and will serve you well for many years. This night light is extra bright, thanks to the five super bright white LEDs in each light.

It features a dusk/dawn sensor, which means that it automatically turns itself off during the day and on again as night falls. There are no replacement bulbs to worry about and yet you will enjoy up to 100,000 hours of trusty light! With no heat emitted, this LED night light is perfect for kids, small spaces, and anywhere around the house; fortunately it comes in a pack of two, so you can easily stock up. This night light is Amazon’s best seller in its category, and with a one year full replacement warranty, you can’t go wrong.

Good Basic Multi Function Night Light: Greenlite LED 3-In-1

If you’re looking for a little more function in a night light, this 3-in-1 by Greenlite is a great option. This little light is not only an LED night light but also a flash light and an emergency light, thanks to a rechargeable battery inside.

During a power outage, the light will serve for up to eight hours as a flashlight, which makes it ultra-functional. With top reviews, this is a great, basic multi-function LED night light that won’t disappoint.

Eco Lite 4 Function LED Pack

Eco Lite 4 Function Demo

Great Multi-Purpose LED Night Light: Eco Lite 4 Function

Even harder working, the Eco Lite 4 Function LED Lights Pack offers four functions: a night light, a flash light, a work light, and an emergency light.

These night lights offer 10 LEDs, making them extremely bright; yet they also offer different settings so you can moderate the light levels as you please. The light comes with a base charger that plugs in; when the light rests in the charger, it automatically charges its internal lithium ion battery, and acts as a night light - automatically turning on and off based on light levels, or you can set it to always be on or off. Remove it from the base and it immediately functions as a flashlight.

I have three of these around my home and they are so handy. If the power goes out in the evening, the night light comes on illuminating key areas in my home and leads me easily to it allowing it to be taken and used as a flashlight around the rest of house - smart! This quick video is a great example.

This unit offers 60 lumens of bright light, and will run for three consecutive hours on ‘hi’ or fifteen hours on ‘lo’. Lay it on its side and use it as a worklight in the garage or anywhere. This light comes two to a pack; simply put, they are all you’ll ever need in a LED night light. They get rave reviews and it’s easy to see why.


Good LED Night Light For Kids & The Nursery: Safety 1st

When you have small children in your home, a night light becomes critical as you deal with nighttime incidents such as wet diapers and midnight drinks. LED night lights are always the best choice in a nursery or a kids room, simply because they do not produce heat, so they are always safe for a child to touch. In addition, LED’s won’t let you down - no burnt-out lightbulbs at 3:00am.

This LED night light by Safest 1st is a great example of perfect form and function in the nursery. Plug it in and rest assured that it will come on when the room gets dark and turn off when the room gets light; no fussing with adjusting the light when you’re trying to put baby down for a nap. The light emits upwards and outwards along the wall, meaning that it isn’t overly bright when your baby looks directly at it. With plenty of great reviews to back it up, this is a solid choice for a baby or kids room.

Best Motion-Activated LED Night Light: There When You Need It

Sometimes you want a night light that isn’t on all the time, but lights up when you need it - picture a basement staircase, a hallway, or a bathroom. AmerTac’s Motion-Activated Nite Lite will do just that, turning on only when it detects motion up to 25’ away in a 100 degree range. It will turn itself off again after 90 seconds, making it an ideal choice for those spaces where you really don’t need the light to stay on all night. Featuring a decorative look, this night light is attractive in any space; and with LED technology, it’s likely to last you a lifetime.

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Night Light Benefits Coupled with LED Technology - Perfect!

With the benefits of longevity and efficiency coupled with low cost, it’s easy to see why LED night lights are the best choice for anywhere in your home. Over time, we have replaced every night light in our home with efficient LED’s and our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. Make the switch today; you won’t regret it!


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