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What God May Bring Next

Updated on July 5, 2017

I have always put family first. My mother taught me that God and family are the only things you can always count on. Because of that, I have spent so much time with my children, my nieces, my nephews. My niece Latasha has been trying to get me to share my stories for a long time. At every gathering, she would pester me and prod me.

Finally, I am giving in. She said she would handle everything, and all I would have to do is talk. So here I am, talking.

A Little Bit About My Past

I don't have any photos of my childhood. But we used to stay in housing that looked very much like this.

It was packed with all of us four kids in there with Mama and Daddy. It was me, my older brother Jacob, my younger sister Mary, and my baby brother Luke.

We all worked. There was schooling for us, of course, but we had to always keep work first in our minds. There was not a lot to go around.

But our family stuck it together, and we always found a way.

Why Be A Woman Roofer?

Oh, my child. This is the question. I have asked myself this many, many times over the years. It has been very hard at times.

The simple answer is that my daddy was a roofer. I just adored that man, may God rest his soul. My mama said since I was a little girl, I had to do just what he did.

I ate how he ate, I drank how he drank, I slept how he slept. When he shaved his face, I wanted to shave mines too.

[She laughs]

But he was a roofer, and that was how he put food on our table. So of course, I wanted to learn that too. He was a good man, and he would bring me to the job sites. I got to watch him and learn from him. When the other men wanted to get rid of me on the job site, my father would stood up for me.

That's how I got my start. I never will forget those days.

Living In Mississippi

I was born and raised here in Mississippi. I have seen it all here. Hurricanes, tornadoes, you name it.

That is one thing about this place, is that there is always roofs needing to be done up again. It's hard work but I appreciates it.

Now my niece is telling me she is running out of time for this one. I will try and sum this up.

This is the place where I will share some of my roofing stories over the years as a black female roofer. Please read more and let me know what you have to say. I want to hear from you.


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